Guest Cap from Rachel, the Divine Princess of Caps

In any community there will normally be someone that stands out. Who takes responsiblity when the rest of us tags along. The entrepreneur. The innovator. The one that makes a difference.

Rachel is one such person. Yes, she is the Rachel of Rachel's World and of a large number of Yahoo! TG Cap groups.

It was her sites that brought me into capping, and I know of a lot of people who will be her eternally grateful for giving them a place to be themselves.

I am proud to say that Rachel has honored me with a cap of her own. (This is where any serious blonde starts giggling. Consider it done!)

Click on the image to read the story about a meeting in the park.

See also: Rachel's toolbox (with links to Rachel's cap groups and tips on how to make caps)


Guest Cap: Gratificas Industries Subject 037

Jane AKA Tomlin 89 has published an extensive and elegant cap series over at Rachel's World set in the Gratificas Industries Universe.

I am proud to say that I have now been gratificasized!

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Transexual Bliss

So you wanted the best of both worlds, didn't you Frank?

As soon as you got your hands on those spell books, you turned me, your best friend, into a insanely hot transexual.

All right, I can relate to that. I love being so sexy and feminine. And I love being able to steal your gold card and shop all that beautiful lingerie you love so much.

I don't think you need to use a spell to get me in bed, anymore, Frank. This Vicki is more than willing to serve you.

But I wonder, Frank, when are you going to admit to your deepest longing, the main reason you made me into a chick with a dick?

When will you let me fuck your tight ass, my friend? When will you let this woman inside you?

If you are looking for more beautiful transexuals, you can take a look at Tranny Surprise, where I found these pictures.

This one's for Vicki, who is a Genuine Girl that longs for something extra.

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Guest Cap: Melons

Katt over at Rachel's Haven gave me this buxom bimbo cap!

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Minicap: Danny makes a decision

Just a quick one for you. The pic is from Totally Redhead, admittedly the best site for shots like this one.

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The Hole in the Wall

When I write the stories you find here at Rebecca's World, I can do one of two things: I have an idea for a story and start looking for pictures, or I see a photo set that just begs to be captioned.

This time I found two photo shoots over at Totally Redhead that were so silly that there was no way I could make stories out of them.

Admittedly, The Other Side of Your Soulis not about social realism, but there are limits to the credibility of gender swap stories as well.

Or so I thought.

Coy O.T., the trickster from the Becoming a Lady story, came to me and told me that these two series had to be turned into a story where s/he played an important role.

After all, the all powerful Sisterhood of Inanna needs new motivated recruits, and this story will give them two more.

All right, you have been warned. This is a veeeery silly story.

Download full screen PDF file here

The Hole in the Wall
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Happy circumstances

How are you holding up, Sam? You look radiant, you know, a real beauty.

Listen, I am not sure if you will ever forgive me, but you must know that I will be there for you when the baby is born.

After all, I was the one that convinced you to let me use the spell book and change you into a woman that evening eight months ago.

You have to admit it, we had a great time, though, and I know you loved being a girl that night. There is no way you were faking those orgasms!

All right, I should have used a rubber. But I hadn't read the whole book, you know. I didn't know that semen would seal the change, and turn you into a woman forever. How could I know?

And if I had been able to turn you back, you wouldn't have been pregnant now, would you?

Yeah, I know you are a pro-lifer, but I couldn't possible have guessed that, could I, the way you and I were behaving that night!

Listen, Sam, you know I like you a lot. I am willing to do the decent thing. I can marry you as soon as we get your new identification papers. Fred is working on that as we speak. He has a few contacts in the mob, he says.

You won't have anything to do with me and Fred? You don't have to yell, you know. We are doing the best we can here, and it can't be good for the baby...

What? You are already engaged? The doctor? But... Does he know? He does? But...

Hey, don't close the door in my face!


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Pictures from FTV.


Fictionmania troubles to be resolved

Many US readers of the very popular TG fiction site Fictionmania are having problems accessing the stories.

CC over at the TGF Yahoo! Group reports that the Fictionmania Task Force is working on a fix.

"A couple of years ago, the Task Force had seperated the fm archive of stories from the old fm server to speed up the process of reading stories and reduce the time outs," she writes.

"A new fmstories.com archive was established on a shared server. Unfortunately, some scammers also rented space on the same ip address server and several isp's, such as bell south, blocked the ip address to block the scammers. The result was that the fmstories.com archive is also blocked."

Until the team are able to move fmstories.com to a dedicated server, it is now hosted on another shared server which apparently also is blocked by Bell South.

I have no problems accessing Fictionmania from Scandinavia.

The Feeling

Freya has put up a new presentation made by me over at her site for transgender sexual adventures.

I have called it The Feeling, and is a classic tale of forced emasculation.

If fellatio turns you on, this one is for you!

Given that the pictures are from Totally Redhead, anyone of you having dreams about reds are also in for a treat.

Go to Freya's site to read it online! (Scroll down a bit to get to The Feeling.)

You can also download the full screen PDF file here!

Check also out Freya's own new captioned story called The Broken Condom! It is a great piece of big tit erotica set in the Spell Book universe.

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Transgender Guest Cap: Going Thrugh the Motions

Bren from Rachel's Haven has made this highly original and creative transgender cap series on the wonders of modern technology.

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Guest Cap: Nurse Abuse

Whether this cap reflects the health policies of the next US president or not, remains to be seen.

A great gift from Vicki Santeuse!

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Cheerleader Practice 2

It seems you cannot get enough of cheerleader fantasies.

It might be a question of saving the cheerleader and saving the world and all that.

As some of you may remember, Phil and Sam made a bet with fellow cheerleaders Bambi and Anne about being able to resist sex for one day as female cheerleaders.

Phil quickly succumbed to his new life. But what about Sam? Will he stop the two witches/bitches from winning their bet?

It helps to have read part 1 before you download this one.

The model is Megan Monroe.

Click here to download the full screen version as a PDF file! (If you are having trouble reading the file, upgrade to Adobe Reader 9. )

Go to Slideshare and click on Full to get a large size presentation.

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Mincap: Simone

A short cap to brighten up the day. Click on image to enlarge!

This one is, of course, for Simone!

Images by Brazzers.


The Nub

He woke up slowly, from a sweaty, erotic, dream full of curvy shapes and the smell of musk.

His dream gave way to confusion. There was a strange weight on his chest. He got a strand of long hair in his mouth. His hands found silky, soft, skin, totally unlike the hairy, rough, texture he was used to.

He did not open his eyes. Samantha had said something about going over to the other side, hadn't she?

This was another one of her magic spells, clearly. Once she had removed all his clothes in the middle of Oxford Street. Hilarious!

He did remember having used the terms "female logic" and "PMS" a couple of times too often in their conversation. That kind of talk always provoked her, as it should.

He loved playing the male chauvinist pig, knowing well that she knew that it was just a game. He admired her work and her intellect, immensely, and was one of the few men that didn't run away scared when they realized that she was a genuine witch.

The make-up sex had been great, as always. But his time, she had clearly felt that he needed a more serious lesson.

Well, life is an adventure. He might as well make the best out of it. His hands wandered down to his crotch and found soft lips full of female mysteries.

He explored the secret cave with his fingers and felt his heartbeat accelerate. Then his finger found the nub... He couldn't wait for Samantha to come home.


The Spell

Here is another story for you set in D and Freya's Spell Book universe.

The spell books turn up when you least expect them, and gives the finder the power to change people's bodies and force them to do what they want.

This slideshow tells you of no less than two such occurrences.

If you are into stories about men being forcefully changed into women and made into obedient sex slaves, this is for you!

And, I have thrown in a female to male sex change for good measure!

The images are taken from Anal-pantyhose.com and Brazzers.com.

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The Wife Feminizing Husband TV Show

I have presented TGTales before. She has become the pioneer maker of Video captions, remixing TV and movie material and adding alternative subtitles.

One of her favorite methods is to take Non-English TV programs and reinterpret them in her own enjoyably twisted way.

Here is a TV show for feminized husbands:

And then a short sweet one:


Guest Cap: Rebecca Red

Here's an every day tragedy (?) from Katt over at Rachel's Haven. Click on images to enlarge!


Guest Cap: Crunching the Numbers

Here's one I got from a very good friend out there, Alexia Rose of Rachel's Haven and the Lady Alexia blog.

It looks like have started a new trend in captioning ;-)

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Introducing TFCC: Trangender Fiction, Captions and Comics

When I finally started to find some of the major TG sites a year ago or so, I was surprised to see how hard it was to find them in the search engines.

"Sisters" out there, looking for transgender erotica will have a hard time finding sites like Rachel's Haven or even Fictionmania.

This is partly caused by a lack of local search engine marketing expertise (have you optimized your blog for the keywords TG enthusiasts are most likely to search for?).

However, I soon realized that the main reason is that most of these sites are hidden behind Content Warning pages, and some even block the search engines on purpose in order to save bandwidth.

Last week Blogger decided to put up a content warning on this site. Fair enough, it is pretty explicit.

But even if Blogger is owned by Google, they have clearly not realized that the warning page blocks the search engines from spidering the blog. So now this blog is getting invisible as well.

Which is one reason I now present a new open blog called TFCC, Transgender Fiction, Captions and Comics that is to serve as a commented directory of transgender fiction blogs and sites, and that is to help searchers find all the great sites that are out there.

It is a work in progress, and I will add many more sites in the time to come.

I need your help, however. If TFCC is to function as a magnet for both search engines and searchers I need your help to make the new site visible. Therefore any link from any site to TFCC is very much welcomed.

Let me know if you do link to the new site. It will help your site get into the TFCC blogroll.

The URL is http://transgenderfiction.wordpress.com/



At the ball

"Let me get this straight, Lena, you actually managed to convince Jeff to turn up in a red dress at the ball?"

"Oh yes, Bob. It took some arguing, but he gave in in the end."

"But did he know about the shapeshifter spell?

"Certainly. That made it easier, actually. He understood that there was a chance that the others wouldn't realize that 'Jill' was, in fact, Jeff."

"Still, becoming a girl for a night... I mean, that's a big step!"

"Well, I did promise to have sex with him afterwards. He has been after me for months now."

"Yeah, I noticed. But Jeff isn't your type, is he? Bit of a geek, if you ask me."

"Oh, but I am not going to have sex with Jeff, Bob. Of course not! I am going to have sex with Jill.

"I mean, look at him! He moves like a girl. He is blushing from all the comments he gets from the men, and a moment ago I saw him dancing with Ben. 'Jill' is actually a good dancer. She does not try to lead.

"And I would love to bury my face in that lush hair, kiss those soft lips and lick her beautiful tits.

"Come to think of it, would you like to join us after the party, Bob? I am sure Jill would enjoy having a man in bed!"

This cap is for Jillisa over at Rachels.

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Guest cap: Checking up

Here's one I got from Jennifer. I am such a lucky person to have such good friends ;-)

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