Transexual Bliss

So you wanted the best of both worlds, didn't you Frank?

As soon as you got your hands on those spell books, you turned me, your best friend, into a insanely hot transexual.

All right, I can relate to that. I love being so sexy and feminine. And I love being able to steal your gold card and shop all that beautiful lingerie you love so much.

I don't think you need to use a spell to get me in bed, anymore, Frank. This Vicki is more than willing to serve you.

But I wonder, Frank, when are you going to admit to your deepest longing, the main reason you made me into a chick with a dick?

When will you let me fuck your tight ass, my friend? When will you let this woman inside you?

If you are looking for more beautiful transexuals, you can take a look at Tranny Surprise, where I found these pictures.

This one's for Vicki, who is a Genuine Girl that longs for something extra.

Click on images to enlarge!

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