Happy circumstances

How are you holding up, Sam? You look radiant, you know, a real beauty.

Listen, I am not sure if you will ever forgive me, but you must know that I will be there for you when the baby is born.

After all, I was the one that convinced you to let me use the spell book and change you into a woman that evening eight months ago.

You have to admit it, we had a great time, though, and I know you loved being a girl that night. There is no way you were faking those orgasms!

All right, I should have used a rubber. But I hadn't read the whole book, you know. I didn't know that semen would seal the change, and turn you into a woman forever. How could I know?

And if I had been able to turn you back, you wouldn't have been pregnant now, would you?

Yeah, I know you are a pro-lifer, but I couldn't possible have guessed that, could I, the way you and I were behaving that night!

Listen, Sam, you know I like you a lot. I am willing to do the decent thing. I can marry you as soon as we get your new identification papers. Fred is working on that as we speak. He has a few contacts in the mob, he says.

You won't have anything to do with me and Fred? You don't have to yell, you know. We are doing the best we can here, and it can't be good for the baby...

What? You are already engaged? The doctor? But... Does he know? He does? But...

Hey, don't close the door in my face!


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Pictures from FTV.

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