In the Jeans, body swap porn

Im my series on transgender erotic movies, here is a clip from In The Jeans, a porn movie from the 80's I guess. I have not been able to track down the full movie online.

If anyone can add some more information please do so in a comment!

Thanks to "Anonymous" for informing me about all these movies.


A new beginning

"Damn it, Ryan. You cheap bastard! You use old Chinese condoms, and now...." his beautiful girlfriend has been red hot and glowing with anger, "... and now I am knocked up"

"Well, can't you... eh.. take care of it?" he ventured.

She looked at him as he was some kind of slimy bug. "Take care of it? This is our child, you moron! Well, I am not going to let this stop me from getting my Ph.D. in theoretical physics. You can carry it to term!"

"Me?" he had murmured. "How can I help you with this?"

"You are bailing out, aren't you?" she snared.

"Well, my grandmothers spell book will take care of that!" And then she had uttered one of those fateful curses her Bulgarian grandmother used to make us of, when she got pissed.

It only a took a second, and he found himself in the body of Riley looking into the eyes of his own male body.

"Take good care of our kid, " he heard his own voice saying. "I am leaving for college. You can stay here and take care of the kid. I am sure my parents will pay for it all."

That was seven months ago. Now he was standing by the window, with his hand on his protruding belly, feeling the kid kick inside.

He was at ease with his body now. He cupped his swollen tit and felt it respond to his touch. He kind of liked being a girl. He felt strong and soft at the same time.

He massaged his swollen nipple and felt the pressure inside it. A drop of milk fell to the floor.

He was prepared now, prepared for taking care of that kid - loving that kid. Ha! Riley could just keep his body. This was what he was made for!

He wanted someone to share this with, though. It was nice that his old friend Peter stuck around.

Maybe the two of them....

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This one is for Riley Jean.


Identity Theft, a Transgender Movie

Somehow I missed this one: Another movie about a stolen body and a change of sex.

Identity Theft (2009) is a kind of non-porn TG comedy about a man who meets this beautiful woman, only to find her steal his body.

The blurb says it all:

"A new suspense/comedy from first time writer/director James Ward. Identity Theft tells the story of Matt Walker (Ward), a man who has won the state lottery, and thinks he has found the woman of his dreams in the beautiful and mysterious Karen Bristol (Laura Weintraub of TNN's Roller Jam). She's smart, gorgeous and wants him for his body...only trouble is that's all she wants him for.

"Matt wakes up the next morning to discover that his mind is now in Karen's body and the person now in his body is a century's old body thief that moves from body to body whenever the mood strikes him. Now forced out onto the street, the new 'Karen' discovers that she is penniless and wanted by the police. Desperate, 'she' turns to her lecherous best friend Brian (Michael Cole) and bitter ex-girlfriend Lisa (Rachel Hardy) for help. Will Matt be able to get his life back or will 'she' have to spend the rest of her life as a victim of Identity Theft!"

The people who made this movie also produced the Wand of Change series some of you might have seen clips of at YouTube.
Here's the trailer:

And here is the essential "discovery scene":

Has any of you seen it? Is it any good?

Movie home page. In the US you can apparently rent it from YouTube.


Freaky Fucking Friday

Thanks to you I have been made aware of more transformation erotic movies.

Here is one with the Japanese porn star Rika Nagasawa.

As you can see from the poster it is a spoof on the Freaky Friday movie, where there is a body switch is between a mother and herdaughter.

This parody is not very "realistic", to put it that way, in the sense that our man takes a long time to get used to his new life as a woman. I guess it the magic transformation theme is more an excuse to present a traditional porn movie.

Still, I know some of you will find it very hot.

WARNING! These videos contain explicit sex scenes and are intended for adults only!

Clicking on the play button will open a new web page with the movie running.

Part 1: Our hero falls down the stairs together with a beautiful Japanese teenager. He wakes up in her body. He goes to his room and starts exploring his new body. He finally ends up in bed with a phoographer. He is adapting surprisingly well to a life as a cock sucker.

Part 2: Our hero ends in bed with the photographer's jealous girlfriend. A lot of lesbian sex.

Part 3: In the final part he decides to seduce his Japanese friend, who is now in his body.


St.Mackenzies 1

"No!" Mrs. Nelson said in a strong voice. "I will not let him keep his academic abilities and his analytical skills. I want him humbled! I want him punished! I want him to learn!"

Mackenzie, the headmistress of the St.Mackenzie's Institute of Learning, looked at Mrs. Nelson with a crooked smile. "I see, we are to dumb your husband down a little, then?"

"Absolutely! And I want him blonde! Mac has always treated me as an airhead because of my blonde hair, and I want him to suffer for it."

"A male chauvinist, eh?" Mackenzie looked at her computer screen. "OK, I suggest we program the nanovirus for a model 45 type girl: Young, blonde, teenager with an IQ of around 85."


They kidnapped him in the middle of the night and drugged him. When he finally woke up again it was in the small and petite body of a beautiful girl.

He was shocked, of course, and bewildered. But he soon lost himself in the luster of his silky hair.

And that box of hairspray was so alluring. Why was that?

It was his first day as a student at St.Mackenzie's institute for young girls.

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This cap is dedicated to JPL.


Something amiss

It was not that he did not realize that something strange was happening. I mean, he did notice changes in his body: the softening of his skin, the soft bulges on his chest and the fact that his dick seemed to be shrinking. But he could not help it: The ecological cucumbers Anna gave him tasted so fresh, so good, so sweet, and he liked the feeling of the stiff hardness in his mouth. And now, of course, it was too late. Anna laughed at him now, taunting him with her little finger, pretending it was his shrinking and limp dick. He should never have married the daughter of a witch.

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Guest Cap: The Indian Bride

Crossdreaming is a global phenomenon. Japan has a thriving comic industry with stories depicting males being changed into females.

As for India? Well, there is a strong transgender subculture. I have included a clip from a Indian TV show below to give you a glimpse of TG life there.

Then there is my co-blogger Shagufta and her Transgender Pictories. Shagufta is a post-op transwoman currently living in Thailand, dreaming of a white colorful wedding.

Here's one version of her beautiful dream she has allowed me to share with you. Click on the four arrow symbol for the full screen experiene, or download the PDF.