St.Mackenzies 1

"No!" Mrs. Nelson said in a strong voice. "I will not let him keep his academic abilities and his analytical skills. I want him humbled! I want him punished! I want him to learn!"

Mackenzie, the headmistress of the St.Mackenzie's Institute of Learning, looked at Mrs. Nelson with a crooked smile. "I see, we are to dumb your husband down a little, then?"

"Absolutely! And I want him blonde! Mac has always treated me as an airhead because of my blonde hair, and I want him to suffer for it."

"A male chauvinist, eh?" Mackenzie looked at her computer screen. "OK, I suggest we program the nanovirus for a model 45 type girl: Young, blonde, teenager with an IQ of around 85."


They kidnapped him in the middle of the night and drugged him. When he finally woke up again it was in the small and petite body of a beautiful girl.

He was shocked, of course, and bewildered. But he soon lost himself in the luster of his silky hair.

And that box of hairspray was so alluring. Why was that?

It was his first day as a student at St.Mackenzie's institute for young girls.

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This cap is dedicated to JPL.

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