Tina's surrender

Tina. Can I call you Tina? Well, your birth name doesn't seem appropriate now, does it? Well, Tina.

There are those that say that if we were able to look into the hearts of our friends and family and see what they really thought, we would all be so appalled that we would leave each other.

Then there are those who say that if we found out about the secret dreams and the hidden desires of our companions, it would be a relief of gigantic proportions.

Suddenly we would understand that we were not the only ones with strange urges and seemingly bizarre fantasies. We all have them, of one type of the other.

You know, you have been so careful to hide your tracks on your computer, but I found your browser cache files.

I know what sites you visit, and what you dream of.

You fantasize of being a girl. No, don't deny it! I know that you do.

You dream of having a petite, feminine, body with a sweet face and long silky, black, hair. You imagine yourself wearing black, sexy, lingerie. Shoes with high heels. Silk stockings.

And you dream of a big, strong, brute of a man desiring you, worshipping you, making his claim over you.

You dream of meeting him in a secret place, so that no one will know.

You dream of giving in to your animal nature. To fall down on all four and present your sex to your man and to be taken, to be possessed.

No, it is too late to run now, Tina. I have the spell and I have the power. Don't fight it, the transformation will take no time at all.

Ah, there you are, your true shape at last!

My, you are absolutely stunning!

I want you down on your knees! Right now! There is no point in fighting me; this is after all what you want deep inside.

That's right, girl. Grab my dick! Hmmm, just like that. Now suck it like the horny woman you are! Yess, that's right. Let go! Let yourself go!

Now, turn around and show me your butt. Ask me to fuck you! Say it! Yes, now ask me to fuck you hard!

Can you feel my cock sliding inside you?

Does it feel good to be filled up with cock? Is it as fullfilling as you dreamed it would be? It is, isn't it?

I am going to ravage you, Tina. I am going to bring you to that place only women in heat know.

Oh God, you pussy is so tight and so wet.

I love seeing you shake. I love the way you moan. I love the way you try to thrust your pelvis up against mine.

Listen carefully Tina, if I cum inside you now, you will stay like this forever. It is up to you.

Do you want me to cum inside your pussy or do you want me to cum on your face? You'd better make up your mind fast, because you are just too hot to handle.

What did you say? Louder, girl, louder!

You want me to cum inside you? Good choice, Tina, good choice. Here we go!

Hmmmm, listen to the girl screaming. That was one hell of a series of orgasms.

I can feel your pussy muscles contracting. You are trying to milk me dry. I think you succeeded.

Yeah, you can cry now. I will take care of you.

Images of Angelina Croft by Sextronix 18 Passport.

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This one is dedicated to Tina and her wonderful blog.


Constant craving

Raymond had been very convincing.

"I did it last week," he said.

"I took one pill of Fem and the next minute I had the sexy body of a teenage blonde, firm tits and a perky little butt. I turned myself on, you know, and masturbated all night. I tell you man, women have orgasms you cannot dream of!"

Richard had been more than skeptical: "But why do you want me to do this?"

"You are my best friend," Raymond had replied. "I mean, you showed me the joy of fishing. Now I will show you the joy of the other side."

Richard had hesitated. "I dunno. It is too kinky for me!"

"Kinky is good! Listen, here is the pill. I will leave you alone. I'll watch some TV in the living room."

Richard's sense of adventure took over, and he did finally swallow the magic pill.

He soon found himself in the petite body of a delicious Latina with full lips, soft tits and long black hair cascading down her shoulders. He couldn't stop touching himself, getting more and more horny by the minute.

That's when the trouble started. The image of an erect cock slipped by his defenses and took over his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about it, how it would be to touch it, how it would be to have one inside his wet pussy: hard thrusts shaking his body.

He opened the door and walked on his toes into the living room, watching his old channel hopping friend sitting there.

"I cannot possibly do this. I cannot possible do this. I cannot possible do this!" The mantra led him straight to Raymond's couch.

The next moment he found himself on the floor, watching Raymond's cock grow with amazement. Raymond looked at him: "Hello there Angie," he said and guided the new girl's head gently towards his dick.

Angie grasped it with her hand, hesitated one moment and started licking it. Raymond started breathing heavily:

"I have a confession to make, Angie," he said. "I never took that pill. If you have ever read the papers you would now that no transformee is able to resist her sexual longings."

"Shut up!" Angie said and went down on all four. "Shut up and fill me up. I need you to fuck me! Now!"

Raymond didn't hesitate, and at that moment, when Angie could feel her wet pussy embrace his member tightly, she knew she was damned forever. 

She would spend the rest of her life trying to fund a constant craving for Fem.

Images of Maya Gates from Totally Brunette.

This one is for Angie!

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International TG Caption contest

Petite Chinoise AKA Aiko has put up a TG caption contest over at her international blog: TG France.

The rules are simple. The cap must have content relevant to the terms "travel" and "asian prostitution". The cap can deal with TG, AR, F2F, shrinking man/woman, transracial...etc.

The caps will be published on her blog.

Send your entries to aikotgar@gmail.com.


Guest Cap: Refuse?

I never get tired of indebted to the mob captions. They allow for that seductive combination of terror and desire.

Anyway, here is Kira's take on the genre.

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"I am surprised, I really am.

"I mean, look at him! He is totally caught up it this, enjoying every minute of it. Of all the men we have changed, I believed Andy would be the one to resist us the most.

"I mean, he is the coach of the football team, for gossake! How more manly can you get?"

"You never know about these things, do you?"

"Ain't that a truth! You never know what's hidden in a man's heart."

"Ah well, I guess he will fetch a good price at the Omanian market."

"Hm, I think we have to help out Mark in there. He is going to explode. Hey Mark! Will you get on with it! Fuck her! We have three more waiting!"

"Maybe we should help him out?"

"Yeah, maybe..."

This one is for bimbojessica.

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Minicap: Backpains

Ah, here is some sick TG humor for you. You know the drill: Click on image to enlarge!


Guest cap: It's a kind of magic

Here's a very original story from Jay Seaver over at Rachel's Haven.

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All the way down to the real thing

Hey Bob, listen to me!

I know this might feel a little scary, but I assure you, it is not. It is a completely normal spell that have been used for millennia, totally safe and eco-friendly.

Yes, it is only temporary. In a few hours you will be back to normal again.

You see, this is my gift to you! I have noticed the way you look at me, the way you admire my curves, the way you worship busty women.

That's OK! That's only natural. That is what the Maker intended you to do.

But since I know you love women so much, I thought I would give you the ultimate gift: To feel how it feels like from the inside.

Aaaah, that's right, Bob! Relax, take a deep breath! Enjoy the sensation of female flesh against female flesh. soft skin against soft skin, and the feeling of silky hair against your beautiful cheek.

Hey, how does this feel? My tongue playing with your erect nipple? Oh yes, you like that, don't you? Are you getting wet? Down there? Would you like me to help you out?

Hmmmm, yes, I would love to, darling! I don't think you are listening to me anymore, Gem. It seems to me you are so caught up in your own lust that you are unable to focus on any thing else. That is just the way I planned it, baby.

Look here: See this toy? This is my strap-on. Do you want me to make you happy? I knew you would.

And you see, as soon as you have gotten the taste of this one, there is no way back. Oh no, Gem, then it's all downhill to the real thing!

This one is for Gemini!

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The pictures of voluptuous Candy Strong and Jasmine Black are from DDF Busty!


Gender Bender Hentai Movie: Body Transfer

Japanese animated porn -- or hentai -- know no boundaries.

Anything is possible, and given the Japanese love of transgender transformations, there are bound to be movies out there exploring the fantasy of finding yourself in a body of the opposite sex.

Body Transfer is one such movie.

It was made by the Green Bunny company in 2003 and 2004 (the company closed down two years later).

Here's the blurb:

"What is the ultimate sexual experience? Kenichi and his classmates, Konomi, Miho, and Hikaru are about to find out. When a magic energy field forms around their school, they find themselves unable to leave.

"Not only that, but the magic lets them feel each other's sexual pleasure and switch bodies upon orgasm! What will happen when Kenichi and all the girls are able to feel sex from both sides of the equation at the same time?"

I have uploaded a small clip of Koshi going to the bathroom for the first time as a woman.

Please note that this is not office material!!!

Here's a question to you, my readers: Can you recommend other erotic anime movies including sex changes?

For more info about the movie and its makers see Mania.com and AnimeNewsNetwork.

You can buy the DVD from Adult Video Universe, DeepDiscount.com or Best Anime DVD. The movie is also available online. I have found an open version of Body Transfer here: Episode 1 and Episode 2. You can apparently download both episodes from the Hentai Movie Archive if you subscribe. Links to free bit torrent downloads can be found here and here.

Click here to download clip from DivShare

Alternative Flash presentation:


Minicap: Real

Erro takes some really sexy glamour shots. This one is of Kiera. You can see the rest of the set here!

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Jackie Blue

"You cannot do this to me!" Jack moaned as Eliza grabbed one of the breasts that had in that very moment expanded on his chest.

"Of course I can!" Eliza laughed in her new, deep, masculine voice.

"This magic spell puts you totally in my power, Jack, and you may as well enjoy it as there is nothing you can do about it."

Jack could feel masculine fingers pinch his right nipple, sending shocks of electricity through his new female body.

"You have bored me with your sexist crap about stupid, big breasted sluts serving men for several months now, Jack, and frankly, as your female colleague, I am deeply offended.

"Do you think I haven't noticed you total inability to look me in my eyes when you are talking to me? Well, now you have your own cleavage to memorize."

Jack could feel Eliza's stiff member touch his pussy.

"Oh noooo, you cannot!" he cried.

"Oh, I love this!" Eliza laughed and thrust her dick into him.

Jack could not help responding, wriggling his wide ass up against his colleague.

"By the time this is over, you will beg me to remain a woman!"

Jackie would carry those words with her to the grave.

This one is for Jackie Blue.

The images of the beautiful Taylor St.Claire are from the high quality site Totally Brunette.

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Pink Witness

Bren and I decided to make one cap series each on the same topic, namely the witness protection program.

Here's my take on the theme: a short little transgender slideshow.

After several assassination attempts by the mob, the FBI decides to use modern technology to turn their witness into a someone even the Godfather cannot recognize.

The images of sweet Zeina are from Reality Kings, a set of some 20 sites I use actively to find great pix for caps and stories.



Hey, do you think I am beautiful?

You do? Gee, that's soooo cool!

You know, I am so happy now. I mean, I used to be this angry boy, you know.

You don't believe me? Oh, I have the pictures to prove it.

I used to hang out with Goths, listening to Death Metal. I had piercings in every available part of my body. Celtic tattoos.

What was that all about? I can't imagine!

I was protesting against industrial pollution, greedy capitalism and the military-indus... indust... military thingy.

Why did I do that? I mean, industry is producing all these wonderful cosmetics and clothes and boys in uniform are so cute!!!

And I used to hate my sister. I thought she was a stupid and shallow Barbie doll.

Why did I do that? I mean, she's so cool, knows everything about fashion and stuff. And don't you just love Barbie?

My sister is the one that liberated the true me with that pink pill of hers.

You're kind of cute, you know. Do you work out?

You look like a football player to me. I am DeeDee, can I be your cheerleader?

The pix of adorable Devon Shining is from Sextronix Exxxcellent.

This one is for Dementia!

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Guest cap: Cheer Camp

Here's one for you cheerleader enthusiasts. I got it from Riatsala over at Rachel's Haven.

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Image from Brazzers, I believe.


The Difference

It was the hair that made the difference. Richard knew that now. If only his wife hadn't changed into a woman with long, beautiful copper hair, he would have been able to resist.

He could have locked himself into the cellar, and waited for the spell to lose its power.

After all, she had used the spell before on her boss, and the only reason he was now working as her bimbo secretary, was that Brad hadn't been able to resist his urges.

Richard knew that too well, as he had been the one that took advantage of the newborn woman's fragile state, and made that change pemanent.

But his wife knew his weakness for long hair, and had given him the body of his secret dreams to punish him for his infedeliety.

He tried to calm his breath, to supress his longing, to resist the urges by closing his eyes and biting his lip, but the hair was caressing his bare shoulder and he found himself touching it, and inhaling its sweet scent.

Before he knew it, he was in front of the mirror, admiring his feminine looks and perfect body. He found himself cupping his perk breasts, pinching his stiff nipples, and -- finally -- exploring his increasingly damp sex.

He could hear his wife laughing upstairs. She was talking to Evan, their next door neighbour. Of course she was. He was a stud, and she knew that Richard would start fantasizing about what he had in his pants.

Images of himself on all four being punded with thick cock from behind flashed before his eyes, and he fell to his knees moaning.
At that moment he knew he had lost, that he would be bound to this shape forever, as his wife's slave and slut.

Still, there were worse fates than this one, he said to himself as he crawled up the stairs to look for Evan. Yeah, there were worse.
His wife looked at him with those seemingly innocent eyes of hers.

"Well, hello there Angie. I am so glad you had the time to join us. This is Evan, my good friend and neighbour. Evan, this is Angie, an old friend of mine. She is moving in with me now that Richard has decided to abandon me."

"Listen, Belle," Evan said with deep sympathy in his voice. "We all feel with you. Richard was a
bastard. He didn't know what good he had, and he's the one losing out in this."
My wife faked another one of her brilliant smiles.

"I hope you are right, Evan, but I am not sure."

She smiled at me and laughed: "I am sure he will enjoy his new life more than he expects!"

This one is for Angie.

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The pictures of lovely Madelyn is from Reality Kings, probably my favorite treasure trove for capping material.