All the way down to the real thing

Hey Bob, listen to me!

I know this might feel a little scary, but I assure you, it is not. It is a completely normal spell that have been used for millennia, totally safe and eco-friendly.

Yes, it is only temporary. In a few hours you will be back to normal again.

You see, this is my gift to you! I have noticed the way you look at me, the way you admire my curves, the way you worship busty women.

That's OK! That's only natural. That is what the Maker intended you to do.

But since I know you love women so much, I thought I would give you the ultimate gift: To feel how it feels like from the inside.

Aaaah, that's right, Bob! Relax, take a deep breath! Enjoy the sensation of female flesh against female flesh. soft skin against soft skin, and the feeling of silky hair against your beautiful cheek.

Hey, how does this feel? My tongue playing with your erect nipple? Oh yes, you like that, don't you? Are you getting wet? Down there? Would you like me to help you out?

Hmmmm, yes, I would love to, darling! I don't think you are listening to me anymore, Gem. It seems to me you are so caught up in your own lust that you are unable to focus on any thing else. That is just the way I planned it, baby.

Look here: See this toy? This is my strap-on. Do you want me to make you happy? I knew you would.

And you see, as soon as you have gotten the taste of this one, there is no way back. Oh no, Gem, then it's all downhill to the real thing!

This one is for Gemini!

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The pictures of voluptuous Candy Strong and Jasmine Black are from DDF Busty!

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