Jackie Blue

"You cannot do this to me!" Jack moaned as Eliza grabbed one of the breasts that had in that very moment expanded on his chest.

"Of course I can!" Eliza laughed in her new, deep, masculine voice.

"This magic spell puts you totally in my power, Jack, and you may as well enjoy it as there is nothing you can do about it."

Jack could feel masculine fingers pinch his right nipple, sending shocks of electricity through his new female body.

"You have bored me with your sexist crap about stupid, big breasted sluts serving men for several months now, Jack, and frankly, as your female colleague, I am deeply offended.

"Do you think I haven't noticed you total inability to look me in my eyes when you are talking to me? Well, now you have your own cleavage to memorize."

Jack could feel Eliza's stiff member touch his pussy.

"Oh noooo, you cannot!" he cried.

"Oh, I love this!" Eliza laughed and thrust her dick into him.

Jack could not help responding, wriggling his wide ass up against his colleague.

"By the time this is over, you will beg me to remain a woman!"

Jackie would carry those words with her to the grave.

This one is for Jackie Blue.

The images of the beautiful Taylor St.Claire are from the high quality site Totally Brunette.

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  1. Jackie Blue7/13/2009

    Hey Sweetie. Thank You so much. It is a nice suprise to come to your site and see my name!! This cap was great in all aspects and I love seeing it again! Thank You again.
    ~Jackie BLue


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