Constant craving

Raymond had been very convincing.

"I did it last week," he said.

"I took one pill of Fem and the next minute I had the sexy body of a teenage blonde, firm tits and a perky little butt. I turned myself on, you know, and masturbated all night. I tell you man, women have orgasms you cannot dream of!"

Richard had been more than skeptical: "But why do you want me to do this?"

"You are my best friend," Raymond had replied. "I mean, you showed me the joy of fishing. Now I will show you the joy of the other side."

Richard had hesitated. "I dunno. It is too kinky for me!"

"Kinky is good! Listen, here is the pill. I will leave you alone. I'll watch some TV in the living room."

Richard's sense of adventure took over, and he did finally swallow the magic pill.

He soon found himself in the petite body of a delicious Latina with full lips, soft tits and long black hair cascading down her shoulders. He couldn't stop touching himself, getting more and more horny by the minute.

That's when the trouble started. The image of an erect cock slipped by his defenses and took over his mind. He couldn't stop thinking about it, how it would be to touch it, how it would be to have one inside his wet pussy: hard thrusts shaking his body.

He opened the door and walked on his toes into the living room, watching his old channel hopping friend sitting there.

"I cannot possibly do this. I cannot possible do this. I cannot possible do this!" The mantra led him straight to Raymond's couch.

The next moment he found himself on the floor, watching Raymond's cock grow with amazement. Raymond looked at him: "Hello there Angie," he said and guided the new girl's head gently towards his dick.

Angie grasped it with her hand, hesitated one moment and started licking it. Raymond started breathing heavily:

"I have a confession to make, Angie," he said. "I never took that pill. If you have ever read the papers you would now that no transformee is able to resist her sexual longings."

"Shut up!" Angie said and went down on all four. "Shut up and fill me up. I need you to fuck me! Now!"

Raymond didn't hesitate, and at that moment, when Angie could feel her wet pussy embrace his member tightly, she knew she was damned forever. 

She would spend the rest of her life trying to fund a constant craving for Fem.

Images of Maya Gates from Totally Brunette.

This one is for Angie!

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