"I am surprised, I really am.

"I mean, look at him! He is totally caught up it this, enjoying every minute of it. Of all the men we have changed, I believed Andy would be the one to resist us the most.

"I mean, he is the coach of the football team, for gossake! How more manly can you get?"

"You never know about these things, do you?"

"Ain't that a truth! You never know what's hidden in a man's heart."

"Ah well, I guess he will fetch a good price at the Omanian market."

"Hm, I think we have to help out Mark in there. He is going to explode. Hey Mark! Will you get on with it! Fuck her! We have three more waiting!"

"Maybe we should help him out?"

"Yeah, maybe..."

This one is for bimbojessica.

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