Pink Witness

Bren and I decided to make one cap series each on the same topic, namely the witness protection program.

Here's my take on the theme: a short little transgender slideshow.

After several assassination attempts by the mob, the FBI decides to use modern technology to turn their witness into a someone even the Godfather cannot recognize.

The images of sweet Zeina are from Reality Kings, a set of some 20 sites I use actively to find great pix for caps and stories.


  1. Sir Lee7/06/2009

    Uhhh, Rebecca... did you notice that the box.net link downloads an *entirely different* file (named "WitnessProtection.pdf")?
    And, here's the thing... it has the same theme, and it looks your style too.
    I'm stumped: is this file the Bren one? If not, where can we find the Bren version?

  2. Aaah, sh*t! I uploaded the wrong file. I am out travelling at the moment and cannot fix this right away. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

  3. I found a way. The link should now give you the correct PDF file.


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