Hey, do you think I am beautiful?

You do? Gee, that's soooo cool!

You know, I am so happy now. I mean, I used to be this angry boy, you know.

You don't believe me? Oh, I have the pictures to prove it.

I used to hang out with Goths, listening to Death Metal. I had piercings in every available part of my body. Celtic tattoos.

What was that all about? I can't imagine!

I was protesting against industrial pollution, greedy capitalism and the military-indus... indust... military thingy.

Why did I do that? I mean, industry is producing all these wonderful cosmetics and clothes and boys in uniform are so cute!!!

And I used to hate my sister. I thought she was a stupid and shallow Barbie doll.

Why did I do that? I mean, she's so cool, knows everything about fashion and stuff. And don't you just love Barbie?

My sister is the one that liberated the true me with that pink pill of hers.

You're kind of cute, you know. Do you work out?

You look like a football player to me. I am DeeDee, can I be your cheerleader?

The pix of adorable Devon Shining is from Sextronix Exxxcellent.

This one is for Dementia!

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  1. I don't know does your sister have any more pink pills? 'Cause I need to be liberated too.

  2. Maybe she could start a mail order company or something ;-)


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