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Guest Cap: The Cider Solution

Kira (AKA XtremeCSSA) over at Rachel's Haven has made me the following cap.

Ain't I cute! And I love that chest ;-)

Thank you very much, Kira!

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Guest Cap: The New Hunter

Alexia over at Rachel's Haven has caught on to my interest for ancient mythology. After all, the Goddess of Inanna and her sisterhood, takes part in several of my stories.

Alexia has given me a series of caps featuring another incarnation of Inanna, namely her Greek counterpart Artemis (known as Diana among the Romans). This is actually a very clever variation of the original myth.

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A few years into the future bodyswapping becomes technically possible. Do you need to spend a day at the other side of the globe? Don't travel! Swap!

Avis will start hiring out bodies, and the erotic entertainment industry starts new exciting (and illegal) services.

Our hero makes some startling discoveries during a business trip of the new kind.

Porn star Gina Lynn (pictured left) plays an important role in this erotic TG photo story or fumetti.

The main pictures are taken by Realitykings, who have many more photos from the same series available for download.

I have tried desperately to make this slideshow work on Slideshare, but has failed completely. So in order to read this photo story, you will have to click here to download the full screen PDF file (8 MB)! 

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The Chaperon

I know that you warned me, Rebecca! I heard you loud and clear. "Ben," you said. "Do not under any circumstances have sex in your new body!" you said. I wasn't deaf.

And I can assure you I had no intention whatsoever to break my promise. I was secure in my male identity, I can assure you and when I agreed to use the magic ring you gave me, it was only because you wanted someone to accompany you to the date with Simon. A girl, a chaperon, that could help you out if you didn't like him.

But you did like him, didn't you? And you left the restaurant early to fuck him senseless. Damn, girl, we could smell your pheromones all over the restaurant.

So, you left me with Richard, sweet, beautiful, sexy Richard. And I was there in one of the most sexy female bodies the world has ever seen, and I can assure you, Rebecca, that that body knows how to produce estrogen and all of the other hormones that make girls horny.

Richard, of course, was a gentleman and bought me all the drinks I asked for. How could I know my new body couldn't take the amount of alcohol I am used to. He took me home, just to help me, you know, and I invited him in. What could I do? He smelled so good!

And then he held me and started to kiss me and my heart went into overdrive and it was all so hot and I just had to open a button and then another one and he grabbed my breast and kissed my ear and I just accidentally brushed his crotch and I just had to hold his cock, you know. It was so beautiful!

So how could I not taste it? You are a girl, you know how it is! It was like a religious epiphany, you know. I had no idea women could feel like this, but right there I had to worship that cock. And now, of course, he was getting terribly excited, and I couldn't disappoint him, could I, that sweet, sweet man!

You know what he did? He put his finger inside my pussy and started to massage my clit with his thumb. And then he kissed me, long, soft, French kisses that just went on and on and on and on and on and I was so wet that he just had to clean me up with his mouth.

I needed him inside me, dammit! And I was a brand new girl. I hadn't planned for this, and I was so aroused I forgot all about condoms, and when he was inside me it was like I was in another place, you know, another dimension where no one cares about condoms and stuff.

I couldn't ask him to hold back, that would be cruel, and to be honest I didn't want him to hold back either. It felt so good to be a woman, that right there I honestly wanted to be one forever. And then he came inside me, and I could feel my body settle down in its new shape.

So now what do I do?

Richard wants to marry me and have lots of sex and kids and a dog and a Volvo and I want him so much that I am willing to do nearly anything.

But I do not exist, do I? I have no identity papers, no social security number. There are no photo albums with pictures of me running around as a little girl in my parents' garden.

As a matter of fact, my parents wouldn't recognize me as I am now! And God knows what my colleagues would say if I turned up at work.

Please, Rebecca, I'll do anything if you help me!

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The pictures are from
Totally Redhead. I often go to that site for those sexy, professional, airbrushed images.

This story is dedicated to Vengeance1701 over at Rachel's Haven.

Click on the image below to see the great cap Vengeance1701 gave to me!

It is the erotic story of the water polo player that got a new and more fulfilling life after an unusual bath!

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Guest Cap: Know-it All

Here's a sweet techno cap I got from wakkawakke200 over at Rachel's Haven.

Wakkawakka? Must be Hawaiian!

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Here is the text:

Alan was a bit of a "know-it-all" in his family. He always knew why something was the way it was, and got a bit peeved when people didn't listen. Coming home after a busy day at work showing everyone the basic functions of the new computer system at work, he was none to pleased to be asked to fix his mother's computer again.

"Mom, I told you a hundred times to stop clicking on all those pop-ups!"

"I am sorry honey, it just wouldn't go away," she replied, secretly smiling.

Sighing to himself Alan clicked the computer on to notice a small window showing a confirmation window. As he went to dispose of it the windows displayed the message "Thank you, Jessica".

Alan did not understand the message and went to click it away when the mouse tumbled off the table.

Picking the mouse up, Jessica could only look at her mum and ask: "Mum, why won't the computer work? I need to get on to check my MySpace account! I need to know if Beth is gonna meet me at the mall tomorrow!"

Thanks to wakkawakka200!

Guest Cap: Call me Rebecca!

Here is a beautiful cap I got from Erin over at Rachel's Haven.

I love that bewildered look on her (my!) face.

Thank you Erin. You will get one back!

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The great thing about becoming so young and small, Richard noted, was the fact that everything appeared so big: counters, chairs, WCs and whatever it was Phillip was hiding in his jeans.


When I found these pictures on istockphoto I just had to download them.

This small woman is like the epitome of femininity to me: small, beautiful and charming in a mischievous kind of way.

The cap goes to wakkawakka200 over at Rachel's Haven.

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Sex on the beach

Alexander didn't really have any good reason to be suspicious.

It was natural that the young, good looking, man came up to him and asked if he knew any good local guides. After all, Alexander was the best guide in the area. The man wanted to find a secluded island out in the tropical archipelago.

"You have come to right man," Alexander had replied truthfully. "Guiding is what I do for a living, and I know of some really beautiful places where the tourists will leave you alone."

That was perfect, the man said. He presented himself as Ronald. When Alexander gave him his own name, Ronald hired him on the spot.

The same afternoon they went out in the big cabin cruiser the man had rented.

"You travel alone?" Alexander asked him.

"I have a rather stressful work environment," Ronald said. "For me a holiday is relaxing away from it all on a beautiful tropic island with a good friend."

"Sure, but where is your friend?"

"Oh, she will arrive later this evening."

Alexander didn't reply to that. It wasn't that easy to find the island he was taking Ronald to, and his girlfriend would find it hard to track them. Well, S.E.P., Somebody Else's Problem.

They anchored up at a beautiful beach, and Roland immediately went for a swim. He was clearly enjoying himself immensely. Alexander found himself a spot under a tree, reading a book.

Finally Ronald carried a small table out of the boat's cabin and cooked them a small meal. That was an interesting twist. Normally it was Alexander who did all the cooking on trips like these.

Ronald invited him over and served him a glass of red wine.

"What about your girlfriend?" Alexander asked.

"Alexandra will be here any minute."

"But shouldn't she have a plate as well?"

"Don't worry about it! Here's to a perfect evening!"

Ronald raised his glass to his lips, but didn't drink. Instead he watched Alexander attentively. This was a strange man, indeed!

Alexander was thirsty and took a big sip. He probably shouldn't have.

"Gaaaaakh..." He fell down to his knees, unable to speak. He tried again: "Gaaaaagh..." He tumbled down on his face, in agony. It was as if 10,000 poisonous ants were crawling through his veins.

"Try to breathe calmly," Ronald said. "And the pain will soon be over!"

That man had poisoned him. He was dying! Alexander soon realized, however, that he wasn't so much dying as changing.

He could feel his hips widen. Dark curly hair cascaded down his shoulders. His chest was growing, sprouting two beautifully shaped breasts. He grabbed his crotch in anguish, only to feel his dick shrink into oblivion, being replaced by a very female slit.

Finally the pain subsided. He opened his eyes and found Ronald looking down at him. "Hey there, Alexandra. You look stunning, girl! Why don't you join me for dinner?"

Alexander found himself trying to object, but immediately an inner force took over, and he found himself answering in a high, bell-ringing, voice: "That would be nice, Ronald!"

He sat down on the chair, still shaking from the ordeal.

"Oh, I am sorry," Ronald said. Let me get you your robe!" He went into the boat and came back with a red robe in silk. Alexander put it on over his old shorts and T-shirt. His shorts were tight around his wider hips, but there was no way he was going to remove them.

"I am sorry I had to put you through this, but I can assure you, it is all for the best. I lost my girlfriend Alexia in an accident a few weeks ago, and since then I have done anything to get her back. I am a rich man, and I did, finally, find a witch that had the magic I needed. You have now the body of Alexia, and I can assure you, your mind will follow..."

No, that couldn't be! But he soon found his mind slipping. His memory of his own childhood mixed with images of himself as a little girl, playing in a garden. He "remembered" colleagues from her workplace. Alexia was clearly a fashion designer, as images of catwalks and clothes flashed by.

"I have missed you, Alexia!"

"I have missed you too, Ronald," Alexia replied. And she did! She loved this man! Roland was not a stranger. He was her man. He was her lover, wasn't he? God, this was confusing!

The strange thing was that she felt perfectly at home in her new body, as if it had been her own for more than twenty years. And it was such a beautiful body!

She was hungry. They ate in silence as old lovers sometimes do, at ease with themselves and each other.

Finally Ronald stood up and reached out for her hand. "Let's go down to the beach!" he said.

She should have been afraid -- scared to death, even -- but Alexia found herself walking calmly with Ronald down to the beach, and when he started undressing, so did she. She had to get rid of those stupid men's clothes, anyway -- didn't she?

They jumped into the water and played like dolphins for a while, and when they finally decided to walk up on the beach it felt natural for Alexia to sit down on the sand with her back resting on Ronald's chest. That is what old lovers do, isn't it?

When Ronald cupped her breasts Alexia could feel her breathing quicken in anticipation and when his hand reached her pussy she found herself moaning with pleasure.

Oh yes, she had missed this! But then again, she had never done this, had she? Or?

She stretched like a cat when she felt his dick stiffen against her butt. She turned around slowly and held it in her hands. She could clearly remember that she had had one of her own, not long ago, but now that seemed irrelevant somehow.

She bent down, feeling her hair form a curtain around her head, her hand and his penis. She started to suck. Slowly at first, more eagerly after a while.

She wanted him, she wanted him badly. She wanted him inside her.

She turned around again and wriggled her shapely ass towards him. "Fuck me, lover!" she heard herself say. "Fill me up with your love!"

When his penis touched her moist pussy lips she felt herself shivering with pleasure, and when he thrust his dick inside her she felt her own hips responding strongly, pushing back.

And when she finally came in a series of violent orgasms, she knew that she was Alexia forever, and that she would never go back.

This cap was made for Alexia over at Rachel's Haven.

The images are from Hustler.

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Bright Beauty

Hey there!

My name is Akemi. It means Bright Beauty in Japanese. I am 18 years old and go to school here in Tokyo.

I know why you noticed me. I used to be like you once, a long time ago.

No, it's true! I was a Swedish business man, trying desperately to get a contract with Toyota.

God, I was stupid!

I knew nothing about how to behave myself, and started negotiating before the exchange of business cards. I ate my sushi with a knife and a fork and made a total ass of myself during karaoke.

I thank the gods for the local Toyota representatives who helped me to a better life.

They brought me to a local soapland, you see, where one of the female companions gave me a nourishing bath. She knew the magic of womanhood, and the water turned me into the school girl you see now.

I was pretty upset as first, as you may imagine, but she taught me how pleasurable it can be to be a woman, and there is no way I will go back to being a man now. Not that I can, mind you!

One of the Japanese business men had no children, so he and his wife adopted me and taught me Japanese.

I used to be like you. Big, hairy and ugly, with no elegance or beauty.

Listen! I can take you to the soapland if you want to.

I would very much like to have you as a sister you know. You can be my butterfly, Cho! And we can read manga together.

And I think you would like my friend Akio. He is such a gentle boy...

Images from Erotic Japan.

The model is Kanan Kawai, and there is, of course, no similarity between her and the main character of this story.

This cap was made for venatus over at Rachel's Haven.

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The Well of Inanna

"Baby, you should really join me! The water is fresh and warm, and it has such a sweet taste. My dear wife, come on! Maybe we can play a little, you know?"
"I’ll wait till after the transformation, Andy. This is the Well of Inanna, you know."

"Surely, you don’t believe in those myths? They are totally unscientific and beyond... Hey, oooh, ah, wooooow! Good God, I’m changing! Eva, I am changing! My chest! My dick! It is shrinking!"

"I know, darling, don’t worry. You won’t miss it, and I’ll get you a replacement
later on."

"It is not that I am not in for an exciting game, Eva, but shouldn't you have asked me before you did something like this? Wooow, look at these tits!"

"You are far too timid, baby, and you know as well as I do that I am the one wearing the trousers around here. I always know what is best for you, my love!"

"All right, Eva, I'll admit as much. This is so strange!"

"Don't you feel good, darling?"

"Eva, I feel good. I feel more than good. I feel beautiful, sexy, hot and I sure like the way these nipples reach for the sky. Please Eva, would you like to suck them?"

"That was the plan, all along, baby. Come here, Nadia!"

"Are you sure I will get my cock back afterwards?"

"No, these changes are irreversible. But after I had my bath later on this evening, I’ll let you taste mine."

Images from Hustler.

This cap was made for alterego5150x over at Rachel's World.

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