The Chaperon

I know that you warned me, Rebecca! I heard you loud and clear. "Ben," you said. "Do not under any circumstances have sex in your new body!" you said. I wasn't deaf.

And I can assure you I had no intention whatsoever to break my promise. I was secure in my male identity, I can assure you and when I agreed to use the magic ring you gave me, it was only because you wanted someone to accompany you to the date with Simon. A girl, a chaperon, that could help you out if you didn't like him.

But you did like him, didn't you? And you left the restaurant early to fuck him senseless. Damn, girl, we could smell your pheromones all over the restaurant.

So, you left me with Richard, sweet, beautiful, sexy Richard. And I was there in one of the most sexy female bodies the world has ever seen, and I can assure you, Rebecca, that that body knows how to produce estrogen and all of the other hormones that make girls horny.

Richard, of course, was a gentleman and bought me all the drinks I asked for. How could I know my new body couldn't take the amount of alcohol I am used to. He took me home, just to help me, you know, and I invited him in. What could I do? He smelled so good!

And then he held me and started to kiss me and my heart went into overdrive and it was all so hot and I just had to open a button and then another one and he grabbed my breast and kissed my ear and I just accidentally brushed his crotch and I just had to hold his cock, you know. It was so beautiful!

So how could I not taste it? You are a girl, you know how it is! It was like a religious epiphany, you know. I had no idea women could feel like this, but right there I had to worship that cock. And now, of course, he was getting terribly excited, and I couldn't disappoint him, could I, that sweet, sweet man!

You know what he did? He put his finger inside my pussy and started to massage my clit with his thumb. And then he kissed me, long, soft, French kisses that just went on and on and on and on and on and I was so wet that he just had to clean me up with his mouth.

I needed him inside me, dammit! And I was a brand new girl. I hadn't planned for this, and I was so aroused I forgot all about condoms, and when he was inside me it was like I was in another place, you know, another dimension where no one cares about condoms and stuff.

I couldn't ask him to hold back, that would be cruel, and to be honest I didn't want him to hold back either. It felt so good to be a woman, that right there I honestly wanted to be one forever. And then he came inside me, and I could feel my body settle down in its new shape.

So now what do I do?

Richard wants to marry me and have lots of sex and kids and a dog and a Volvo and I want him so much that I am willing to do nearly anything.

But I do not exist, do I? I have no identity papers, no social security number. There are no photo albums with pictures of me running around as a little girl in my parents' garden.

As a matter of fact, my parents wouldn't recognize me as I am now! And God knows what my colleagues would say if I turned up at work.

Please, Rebecca, I'll do anything if you help me!

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The pictures are from
Totally Redhead. I often go to that site for those sexy, professional, airbrushed images.

This story is dedicated to Vengeance1701 over at Rachel's Haven.

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It is the erotic story of the water polo player that got a new and more fulfilling life after an unusual bath!

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