The Visitor

He is not a bad boy, the body I inhabit. The powers that be chose him for some reason.

Maybe it was because he is so kind. I need to learn more about kindness. 

Or maybe it was because he needs me. He can be so weak sometimes and needs someone to help him become more affirmative, strict even. 

I have heard his friends tell him that they think he has grown up lately, and that he has become better at defending himself.

He knows that I am here, although he tries to suppress that knowledge. It scares him, I guess, to have a woman's voice at the back of his mind. 

The Council is aware of the risks involved in exploring cultures this way, but we need to know more about the humans before we make the major decision: To include them in the Alliance or.... 

I have made him believe that he needs a solitary trip to the beach today -- out on one of the more isolated islands. 

I need to reconfigure his reality matrix, and to be myself for just a few hours. For him it will be like a dream of being a woman, but an important dream as it will prepare him for the final merger of our two personalities.  

I need my own body to do my job. I cannot get access to their inner government as him, I'm afraid.

This one is for Alexia.

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The photos is from Met-Art. The model is Sally A, the photographer Jon Barry. 


Minicap: Follow my lead!

Luna and Mima. Beautiful girls with beautiful names. What if it was you sitting there, anticipating...

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You can see more pictures from this Errotica shoot here!


My Little Pony

- You have to help me out of this, mum. I am a boy. I cannot stay like this!

- Ah, Kamil! Half the world population are girls. I can assure you, we cope very well, most of us. And girls are so much more well behaved and civilized. I look forward to having a daughter. I do!

- But if you beg uncle Merlin to reverse that spell, I am sure...

- Nonsense! I asked him to put this spell on you.

- You did?

- Of course! I am tired of the mess you make in this house. Boys are noisy and dirty. Besides, I have always dreamed of dressing up my own little girl in pink and laces. You are going to love it.

- No, I won't!

- Oh yes you are! You are still changing, you know. In a weeks time you will have the body of a twelve year old. One week later, you'll be ten, and by the time the magic settles you will be a sweet little girl ready for her first day at school.

- But, I am a university student.

- Yeah, that will give you a head start, I guess. Not that you will remember so much of it. Next month you sweet little mind will be filled with My Little Pony and all kinds of girly stuff. Now, we need a beautiful name for my beautiful girl. What about Sarah?

- Oh, mum!!!

- Sarah it is then. Now, I know that you are upset my little girl, so I have brought you a present.

- You have?

- Look here! Isn't it beautiful? Your very own Barbie-doll. A pink princess!

- But mum, I won't play with dolls! I have never played with dolls.

Still there was something deep down in Kamil's new body that responded to the doll and he took it hesitantly.

It was beautiful. Images of gardens and tea parties flowed, beautiful horses and knights in shining armour flowed into his mind.

His mother beamed when she saw his interest.

- And Sarah, I have another gift for you as well. What do you say? Would you like to try it on?

There it was: A dress, all pink and made for a sweet little princess.

- Yeah, I know, it will be for big for you in a couple of days. But you can try it on now, and then, when you grow older, you can wear it again. The boys will just fall head over heals in love with you!

Kamil grabbed the dress and went to his room. When his mother entered his room the next morning to wake him up she found him sleeping on the bed in a far too big dress.

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This one is for


Dollhouse London

Alexia has given me a TG cap based on one of my favorite TV series at the moment: Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.

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What do you think?

Here's one I made for Freya's site.

Let you go?

No, we can't do that I am afraid.
You see the whole idea of blackmailing people, threatening to change their husbands and sons into busty sex sluts rests on one important factor: credibility.

The press has written about us and know that we mean serious business. 

Admittedly, they believe we use surgery and implants instead of the Spell Books, but the effect is the same. They believe us!

Now, your wife is clearly not willing to pay anything for you. 
She said - i quote - "If I am to pay you for anything it is for getting rid of that lazy bastard!" - unquote.

Which is why we have changed you into a voluptous sex crazed slut. 
No, we cannot let you go. 

So what do you think? 

Here we are: Two male kidnappers in our prime. And there you are: The image of our most erotic dreams. 

What do you think we should do?

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Something wonderful

For the first hour or so he was sitting completely still, without breathing. It was as if he wanted the lack of oxygen to stop his brain from accepting what had happened.

The voice of Elena was still ringing in his head: "Bye, bye, sissy bro! You can have my weak and soft body. I am going out to conquer the world."

The final image flashing before his eyes was that of his own body closing the door behind it with a bag full of his clothes, his passport and his credit cards. 

Who could have known Elena wanted to be a man? Moreover, where had she learned witchraft like that?

Finally he exhaled, shaken, shivering, before inhaling a mouthful of fresh air. Tissue starved of oxygen came to life and he could feel his nipples stiffen. 

He capped his left breast carefully.  My, it was so soft!  He left hand moved down inside his jeans by its own volition.  The thing was gone all right, but, but, but -- aaaah -- there was something else down there. Something wonderful.

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Thanks to Transformation Media for the wonderful picture from FTV.


Sweets for my Sweet

"OK, listen up! You need to be very careful when entering the villages, OK? The enemy hides in the countryside and has set up a large number of traps for us out there. Bombs, mines, poison, you name it.

Yeah, I know that we are here to win the hearts of the people, which is why we will go out without helmets this time, but please use your common sense when you approach people.

Hoy Ben!!! Do you find this amusing? No? Well focus then! Your life may depend on it!

One more thing: We have reports that the enemy has started using nano-viral warfare. These rumors have not been confirmed, but it may be that they have gotten hold of some old Chinese stockpile.

This means that you must, under no circumstance, accept any food or drink from the general population. Is that clear?

OK, dismissed!"

When Ben entered the little mountain village, food was the last thing on his mind. He had already eaten his field ration. But when that little, sweet, kid came up to him and offered him a lollipop, he didn't have the heart to disappoint her.

One day later he was missing in action. Now he is himself a sweet little darling, serving customers in a city a long, long way from home.

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This one is for Vengeance1701 


The new life of Brian

Here's another guest cap series from Lovely Cheerleader. A sweet mix between male to female and shemale exploration.

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The Grandson

Ah, Mrs. Henderson! So good to see you again!  I trust your health is good? Yeeees! You do look radiant! No, no, no, I mean it! Absolutely radiant!

I guess you are waiting impatiently to get your progress report on the treatment of your grandson, Phillip. I’ll get on with it then!

Well, I am glad to say, it is all going very well. Very well, indeed.

The hormone treatment has been successful. 

His skin and complexion is getting softer and more feminine every day. His natural scent is sweeter. His hair has become silky and soft.

His chest region has, admittedly, not expanded as much as we foresaw, but it is hard to know with these things. The genes are deciding, you know.

You are also a rather slim woman, aren't you not Mrs. Henderson? No, I am not implying anything, and if I have offended you in any way, I sincerely apologize!  In any case, with some surgery we can guarantee you the D cup you have requested.

Anyway, if you care to look through this one way mirror, you will see Phillip being entertained by one of our interns.

 would have liked at this point, but if I have interpreted you correctly, this procedure isn't so much about his happiness at it is yours. Am I correct?

He disappointed you? Ah, yes, I understand. 

Some youngsters think they know it all, and choosing to become an artist instead of working in your law firm is indeed a sign of weakness, I agree. 

Well, now, now, Mrs. Henderson, I would not go as far as saying that all artists are effeminate faggots, far from it, but I value your point of view.

Well, here you can see Phillip sucking off... eh, offering fellatio. He has become much better at it, our interns report. No more biting and he is now able to open up his throat in the way required in your specifications.

Excuse me for a minute... Anton, Anton! Can you hear me?  Yes, good. Can you demonstrate some anal penetration for Mrs. Henderson? She would like to see how flexible the patient has become! Yes, thank you...

As you can see, Mrs. Henderson, your grandson is now able to accommodate quite large penises without too much pain. This has actually led to him having achieved what I would call a kind of female orgasm. Yes, there he goes again!  I am sorry about this.

But look at it from the bright side, Mrs. Henderson, the orgasms are undermining his resistance to our treatment and will make him a more eligible wife for your employee.

The images of Alanaa are from Tranny Surprise

This is a work of fiction, and bears no relationship to any actual persons or events.

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Shagufta's Wedding

Shagufta has made a new elegant slide show based on her favorite topic: the wedding.

For more of Shagufta's work, see her Transgender Pictories blog!

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Guest Cap: A loss or a win?

Here's a sweet TG cap made by Connie over at Rachel's Haven!

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The Purse

Edwin warned me, you know -- at my bachelor party.

'Never let Anna persuade you to carry her purse in public, Jason' he said.

'Not even for a minute. Because the next you know, she will have you asking for directions when you are out driving, she will force you to buy her tampons when you go shopping, and -- finally -- you will feel this strange urge to sit down to pee. That's how they gain control over you!'

He had been divorced three times, so I guess he knew what he was talking about.

So when Anna did ask me to hold her purse in one of those fashion stores over at Fifth Avenue, I did say no.

But she was so sweet you know, and it was her Furla purse. I just could not resist it! I gave in.

I guess that's how it started.

She had me following her around when shopping for clothes. She lured me into it, asking me for my opinion and such. Then I had to try on some of the garments -- in the store.
Women's clothing is so alluring, you know. Not always comfortable, I admit, but so sensual. Then there was the make up. Not much, but...

You know, when she asked me to stop going to those hunting trips, it wasn't much of a sacrifice. Those poor, sweet, bambis! I can't kill them! Not any more!

And the pills. Well, they make me feel good. I am close to a C cup, now, which is good, because I love the way they fill up my bra from Victoria's Secret.

No, no, no! This isn't the Furla! The Furla wouldn't go with this dress, you know.

Well, enough about me, Anton. I can see that your wife has made a few changes in your life as well.

That necklace is divine, darling!

This one is for JaySeaver.

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Babylon Academy Episode 3: Initiation

In the previous episode Ron AKA Ronya made a mess out of the mess hall and ended up having an intimate moment with his teacher.

If s/he doesn't watch out s/he may end up staying a girl forever.

In this episode s/he goes home to his/her mother to get some distance. Mum, however, has other plans.

Click here to read the previous episodes in the Babylon Academy series!

Alternative Dowload site.

The images are from the voluptuous Big Tits at School site, which comes highly recommended! If you sign up for that site, you get more than 20 additional Brazzer sites for the same prize. I use them a lot for my photo stories.


At What Price?

"Will you please stop whimpering, you fool!" Anna was clearly pissed off.

"You have nearly ruined my life, you bastard! I was your star athlete wasn't I, Tyler? I won no less than three state championships and was headed to the Olympics.

"But at what price? I had no time for parties, no time for boys and worst of all: nothing to eat.

"I want a steak, damn it, with fries and a thick cream based sauce! I want chocolate ice cream! I want...

"Well, enough about me. I am not going to let you ruin another girl's life for a lucrative sponsorship deal. Which is why I asked grandma for her old spell books. "

She looked over to a young man standing in the other corner of the room. "OK, Freddy, he made you celibate in the belief that you could channel all your energy into golden metal. It is time for you to channel it into something else."

Tyler couldn't believe what was happening to him.

He found no strength to resist as Freddy pushed him down on all four on the bed.

He could feel his new magically changed body wobble and shake as he presented his curvaceous butt to Freddy.

Two big, juicy, tits swayed like pendulums down from his chest. He could feel Freddy's hard cock slide up his pussy and his thrusts made him shake back and forth, back and forth.

"And the great thing, is Taylor," Anna continued. "It doesn't matter how little you eat. You will never, ever lose weight in this body!"
Taylor closed her eyes as her first orgasm sealed her change forever.

She wanted chocoloate mousse, she wanted cème brûlée, she wanted tiramisu. But most of all: she wanted to suck Freddy's delicious cock...

This one is for Riatsala.

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Guest Cap: Explaining to Mum

Well, things happen. Go with the flow. Go with the flow!

This one is from RMP42661.

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Another M2F male to female transformation to you.

This one is for Jake!

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The model is Jessica Moore from DDF.


Jack in the Shower

There is no reason to be shy Jack. I have seen you naked before, remeber. I am your wife, after all.

Yes, yes, I can see that you have a different body now than you had a couple of minutes ago. No, it's all real and you are not going mad. Not much, anyway.

The thing is, our kids and I had a family meeting... What, without you? Of course it was without you!

You are never here, remember! Always travelling from one meeting to another. You hardly see your kids, anymore.

Anyway, we decided we had to find a way to make you stay at home, so we hired a professional witch to put a shapeshifter spell on our shower.

Anyone who takes a shower in this bathroom today will be changed into a more suitable appearance.

And you have been given a new female body, as you can see.

I know you have rather traditional views of the roles of genders, so this means that you will have to stay home and take care of the kids. This way we can even plan for more kids! Wouldn't that be nice, darling?

Now, there is one problem with all this, and that is that I will have to support the family.
So move aside, baby! I need to take a shower, as well.

The witch assured me that no one will notice that a new guy has taken over your job as CEO.

She also assured me that I would be as well endowed down there as you are up here. Maybe we can make that baby, tonight, sweetie!

This one is for Jackie Blue!

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Guest cap: Surprise!

Xandra on her knees, where she belongs! Guest cap made by Dalene over at Rachel's Haven.

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Big boobs

He had been standing in the middle of High Street when the reality distortion wave hit him.

He had heard about the phenomena, of course. It had happened several times since that huge object appeared outside Saturn. Some said it was the end of time. Others that it was aliens experimenting. 

The cause didn't matter much, did it? The fact was that he suddenly found himself on another street, in another country, in another body.

He looked down, bewildered. He saw a pink sweater bulging out in the most amazing manner. His chest was so big he could not see his feet, and he realized he had swapped bodies with one very voluptuous woman. 

Now, what should he do? Should he contact Interpol's Bodyswap department and try to reclaim his old life, or should he explore this new opportunity? 

He opened the woman's purse. Woman did carry a lot of stuff around, didn't they. He found a picture of the woman and a handsome man. They were out at a beach somewhere, and looked very happy together.

Maybe he should wait a little. Go over to hers place, maybe, and see what her life was like. He felt his nipples stiffen in anticipation.

Images from Bangbros.

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Guest Cap: Laundry Basket

Jay Seaver always adds that extra twist making caps out of the ordinary.

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Guest Cap: The Debt

Here's a T-girl cap series from ConMan over at Rachel's Haven. I am looking good, ain't I?

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Bangkok Surprise

He was there for the art, mostly, and the food. Of course! Thai food! He loved Thai food! And when he finally ended up in Bangkok's Patpong district, it was purely out of cultural curiosity.

Prostitution was part of Thai culture, right? And he was there to look, not touch.

Still, he could not resist when that sweet Thai girl lured him into the club. And didn't hesitate much when she pulled him up the stairs into her room. Nor did he protest much when she served him that damned drink. He should have known that something was fishy when it started to glow.

The next morning he woke up in her body. She was gone, with his passport, his credit cards, his name, his body and his wife dammit! She was probably enjoying her new rich life in Atlanta immensely, while he was serving customers in Bangkok. 

Well, he did speak English fluently, which helped him deal with the foreign customers -- the Farang. Maybe one day one of them would marry him and offer him a new prosperous life in the West.

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Images by Sextronix.


Guest Cap: Rebecca's gift

Here's a sweet T-girl love story from Starhawk over at Rachel's Haven!

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