At What Price?

"Will you please stop whimpering, you fool!" Anna was clearly pissed off.

"You have nearly ruined my life, you bastard! I was your star athlete wasn't I, Tyler? I won no less than three state championships and was headed to the Olympics.

"But at what price? I had no time for parties, no time for boys and worst of all: nothing to eat.

"I want a steak, damn it, with fries and a thick cream based sauce! I want chocolate ice cream! I want...

"Well, enough about me. I am not going to let you ruin another girl's life for a lucrative sponsorship deal. Which is why I asked grandma for her old spell books. "

She looked over to a young man standing in the other corner of the room. "OK, Freddy, he made you celibate in the belief that you could channel all your energy into golden metal. It is time for you to channel it into something else."

Tyler couldn't believe what was happening to him.

He found no strength to resist as Freddy pushed him down on all four on the bed.

He could feel his new magically changed body wobble and shake as he presented his curvaceous butt to Freddy.

Two big, juicy, tits swayed like pendulums down from his chest. He could feel Freddy's hard cock slide up his pussy and his thrusts made him shake back and forth, back and forth.

"And the great thing, is Taylor," Anna continued. "It doesn't matter how little you eat. You will never, ever lose weight in this body!"
Taylor closed her eyes as her first orgasm sealed her change forever.

She wanted chocoloate mousse, she wanted cème brûlée, she wanted tiramisu. But most of all: she wanted to suck Freddy's delicious cock...

This one is for Riatsala.

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