The Purse

Edwin warned me, you know -- at my bachelor party.

'Never let Anna persuade you to carry her purse in public, Jason' he said.

'Not even for a minute. Because the next you know, she will have you asking for directions when you are out driving, she will force you to buy her tampons when you go shopping, and -- finally -- you will feel this strange urge to sit down to pee. That's how they gain control over you!'

He had been divorced three times, so I guess he knew what he was talking about.

So when Anna did ask me to hold her purse in one of those fashion stores over at Fifth Avenue, I did say no.

But she was so sweet you know, and it was her Furla purse. I just could not resist it! I gave in.

I guess that's how it started.

She had me following her around when shopping for clothes. She lured me into it, asking me for my opinion and such. Then I had to try on some of the garments -- in the store.
Women's clothing is so alluring, you know. Not always comfortable, I admit, but so sensual. Then there was the make up. Not much, but...

You know, when she asked me to stop going to those hunting trips, it wasn't much of a sacrifice. Those poor, sweet, bambis! I can't kill them! Not any more!

And the pills. Well, they make me feel good. I am close to a C cup, now, which is good, because I love the way they fill up my bra from Victoria's Secret.

No, no, no! This isn't the Furla! The Furla wouldn't go with this dress, you know.

Well, enough about me, Anton. I can see that your wife has made a few changes in your life as well.

That necklace is divine, darling!

This one is for JaySeaver.

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