The Grandson

Ah, Mrs. Henderson! So good to see you again!  I trust your health is good? Yeeees! You do look radiant! No, no, no, I mean it! Absolutely radiant!

I guess you are waiting impatiently to get your progress report on the treatment of your grandson, Phillip. I’ll get on with it then!

Well, I am glad to say, it is all going very well. Very well, indeed.

The hormone treatment has been successful. 

His skin and complexion is getting softer and more feminine every day. His natural scent is sweeter. His hair has become silky and soft.

His chest region has, admittedly, not expanded as much as we foresaw, but it is hard to know with these things. The genes are deciding, you know.

You are also a rather slim woman, aren't you not Mrs. Henderson? No, I am not implying anything, and if I have offended you in any way, I sincerely apologize!  In any case, with some surgery we can guarantee you the D cup you have requested.

Anyway, if you care to look through this one way mirror, you will see Phillip being entertained by one of our interns.

 would have liked at this point, but if I have interpreted you correctly, this procedure isn't so much about his happiness at it is yours. Am I correct?

He disappointed you? Ah, yes, I understand. 

Some youngsters think they know it all, and choosing to become an artist instead of working in your law firm is indeed a sign of weakness, I agree. 

Well, now, now, Mrs. Henderson, I would not go as far as saying that all artists are effeminate faggots, far from it, but I value your point of view.

Well, here you can see Phillip sucking off... eh, offering fellatio. He has become much better at it, our interns report. No more biting and he is now able to open up his throat in the way required in your specifications.

Excuse me for a minute... Anton, Anton! Can you hear me?  Yes, good. Can you demonstrate some anal penetration for Mrs. Henderson? She would like to see how flexible the patient has become! Yes, thank you...

As you can see, Mrs. Henderson, your grandson is now able to accommodate quite large penises without too much pain. This has actually led to him having achieved what I would call a kind of female orgasm. Yes, there he goes again!  I am sorry about this.

But look at it from the bright side, Mrs. Henderson, the orgasms are undermining his resistance to our treatment and will make him a more eligible wife for your employee.

The images of Alanaa are from Tranny Surprise

This is a work of fiction, and bears no relationship to any actual persons or events.

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  1. Anonymous11/10/2010

    Oh, this set is realy great! I love stories about boy-turned-into-shemale, and the pics are sooo good! thank you!


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