Happy New Year!

It was a hell of a new year party. A lot of intoxicated beautiful young people everywhere, dancing and laughing.

The time was a quarter to midnight and Phil had already had far too much to drink.

A kind looking old man caught him stumbling and helped him down in a chair.

"Thanschh, man!" Phil said.

"My pleasure young man! Phil is it?"

"Phil. That's me. Phil. Phil. Phil. I think I am drunk...."

"You most certainly are, my son, but sometimes alcohol may bring out the truth. Do you drink because you are unhappy?"

"Unhappy? Thisch is the most grand new year party ever, man. I mean, look at them..."

"Yes, but you are just here. You are not partying with them, if you know what I mean."

"Right." Phil tried to focus at the man. A damn nice man he was, too!

"What do you wish for this new year?" the man asked.

"I wish I wash a girl... a girlie... you know... a woman!" That last part came out too load, and someone tried to hush him down. The old man helped him out on the terrace.

"Why do you want to be a woman, son?"

"Becaush, becaush girlsh just want to have fun." He started to sing in a false voice. The old man mercifully interrupted this show of artistic talent.

"Are you sure about this? You really want to be a woman? Seriously?"

Phil finally managed to focus. "Don't tell anybody, old man, but I really do. She lives inside me you know, pestering me day and night, asking me to let her out. I mean, she is nice in her strange way and I love her very much, but there ish nothing I can do, really..."


"I don't know. I call her Mindy. She lives inside my head and my body. Are you a doctor? Do you think I am creishy or something?"

"No, son, I am not a doctor, and I do not think you are crazy. This happens to a lot of men, believe me. We do after all have everything needed to become a man or a woman, genetically, psychologically and spiritually."

"What are you saying? I don't undersch... I don't get it! Are you Brenda's granddaddy or shomething?"

"I am more like your granddaddy, son..."

"Nah, he lives in Florida...."

"Well, I did not mean it literally. Think of me as someone who wills you well. Now, it is nearly midnight. Close your eyes and make that wish. I will see to it that it comes true."

Phil closed his eyes, and as the noise of fireworks and people counting down towards the new year flushed over him, he could actually feel Mindy stepping out of his old body.

At the stroke of twelve he opened his eyes and found his old friend Brenda in front of him. She embraced him enthusiastically.

"Mindy, Mindy, Mindy," she cried. "Happy new year Mindy, my best friend in the world!"

Phil looked down at his new slim, feminine body and touch the golden locks of hair falling over his - her - shoulders, and giggled in delight.

"Happy new year, Brenda. I love you too! This is going to be the best year in my life. I just know it. Listen, did you see an old man here right now? Grey hair. A nice smile..."

"No, why? There are only young people like us here."

Mindy looked around, but she could not see him.

"Tell me," Brenda asked. "What did you wish for?"

"Oh no, I cannot tell you that, Brenda. You now that. Then the wish might not come true..."

Xandra wishes you and your inner woman a Happy New Year!


She's so sweet!

- My oh my, she is just adorable! Look at her! Look at the way she drinks that milk. It is milk isn't it?

- Oh yeah, but spiked with female hormones. We tell her it is for the calcium.

- Hormones, but she cannot get more feminine than this, can she?

- We are aiming for a D-cup. For your benefit, of course!

- That is very considerate of you.

- Lexie, say hello to the nice young man that is visiting us!

- Hello sister! Hello nice man! You are big! Hee hee...

- Yes, I guess I am, compared to you. You look great, Lexie. You are so beautiful.

- You really think so? Do you like my new outfit?

- Oh, it fits you perfectly!

- Now, go and play, Lexie!

- There isn't much left of Alex, is there?

- No, thank God! He was such a nasty boy, always up to some mischief. And he was trying so hard to escape, as well. It was so hard to make him understand that with a slim and feminine body like that, he couldn't become much of a man anyway.

"Alex," I told him. "You look like a girl. There are no girls out there that would like to marry a wuzz like you, so you may as well take advantage of what God's given you and become the girl your really are!"

- He didn't buy that?

- No, not at first. He tried to do exercises, eat proteins and stuff, but fortunately all his classmates made fun of him, and his teachers called him Alexia, mistaking him for a girl. And I got mum to buy him a lot of girly clothes to make it even harder.

In the end I think he just gave up making them understand that he considered himself a boy. He started to fall into the role of being a girl. Of course, the hormones helped as well. Estrogen does that to you.

- And now he, I mean she, thinks of herself as a girl?

- Oh yeah! Don't you worry! I think it was the final operation that made the difference. Getting a pussy made him realize that there was no way back. He has finally become a useful member of society, and as long as you treat him reasonably well, I think he will stay that way.

Enough small talk! What about the wedding plans? What do you say about a cruise, just for the two of you? You can have her all for yourself week after week. You know, making a real woman out of her...

Click on images to enlarge! Pictures from Victoria's Secret.

This one is for Lexie over at RH.


The Payback Show

TG Tales is the undisputed master (or mistress, rather) of TG video captioning. Here's another excellent example.


Angie's sense of humor (Guest cap)

I just had to publish this one right away. It is a guest cap from Angie over at Rachel's and it is the most absurd Christmas joke you will get from this site this year ;-)

As always, click on image to enlarge!

TG Comics gets a sister site; TG Caps

Femur reports that the amazing TG Comics site has gotten a new sister site called TG Caps.

We are not talking about a regular TG caption site, though, but a kind of miscellaneous site that will take over everything from TG Comics that is not original comics.

Femur writes:

"TGCaps will be the home for all things comics-related that, as I like to say, should have been TG. This means the modified comics, covers and cartoons that folks have created, giving them the TG twist that seems inherent in some mainstream material (at least to a few demented minds such as mine!)."

The site will also include photo comics and fan art with a TG twist.

The image included here is from the story Changing Places by Eric and Steve Zink. Click on image to enlarge!

Experiment No. 69

Experiment No. 69.

Subject 345-1988 Alexander Reins.

Report of August 4 2009. Day 45. Dr. Melanie Frank presiding.

The Y2X nanoviral serum has now completed the process of changing the subject's body into its new female form.

The subject continues to show signs of stress, however, and refuses to reconcile herself with the transformation. This is not unusual at this stage of development, but out of concern for the mental health of the subject it is imperative that the lab psychiatrist encourages the proper femininzation of the subject's psyche.

Dr. Frank Walters reports that the subject actively represses her new female sexual drive. She refuses to wear feminine attire and selects baggy clothes that conceals her new shape. Dr. Walters is very optimistic, though, as he has seen clear signs of sublimated feminine desire appear in dreams and regular behavior.

When caught unaware she responds to the new name Lexie, and her new craving for carrots and cucumbers must be considered progress. Dr. Walters recommends that the subject is introduced to a male sexual therapist early next week for deflowering.

After another two weeks of behavioral reconditioning she should be ready for reunification with her family, as we believe any antisocial traits will have been eliminated by that time.

Dr. Melanie Frank (signed)

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This one is for Lexie.


The turn of winter

A short one for you holiday people!

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New erotic caption blogs

I was probably one of the first to use the blog tool as a means of publishing TG erotica.

This year there has appeared several new blogs presenting transgender caps, and some of them publish new caps and stories on a regular basis.

You could say the blog has become an alternative to the always popular Yahoo! groups for publishing such content. This is partly caused by the fact that Google's blogger accepts adult material.

I have put up a list of some of the new blogs over at TFCC.

And please tell me if you know about others!


Guest Cap: Catfight over Bunnies

Bimbojessica here gives a glimpse into the grotesque conflicts and struggles going on over at Rachel's Haven.

And given that is our public duty to introduce uncultured readers to the necessary artistic references, here is the original:


TG Quicky: Woops!

For the Buffy enthusiasts among you!

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For Lyndee.


Guest Cap: Just Learning

Here's a cap I got from Angie over at Rachel's Haven. This is a TG capper to look out for: creative and prolific.

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The Sex Change Experiment

So far no one has really managed to make sense of the concepts of sex and gender; what makes some feel like women and others like men.

Moreover, it is notoriously hard to define what "feminine" and "masculine" really entails.

Fortunately this research team has decided to find out by performing a highly original experiment.

They claim that they have proved that they can change any man into a complete woman through psychological conditioning.

You may dear readers are invited to the lecture presenting this sex change experiment.

Prepare yourself for a lot of forced feminization, humiliation, strap-on domination, and forced cross-dressing. You know the drill.

This one is not for the faint at heart!

The images are from Strapon Sissies and Brazzers.

Go to Slideshare and select Full for an online full screen experience!


Guest cap: Corporate betrayal

Here's one long elegant cap series I got from Dalene over at Rachel's Haven.

Click on images to enlarge! (Sizes now fixed!)


What this girl likes

My blog post about the poll has led to a small debate about the need for TG love stories.

Very Good Karma drew my attention to this short and sweet amateur animation. And yes, it is a love story -- sort of...

The movie is made by TheWatcher20088.

Minicap: Take a deep breath

A quick one for you!

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Guest cap: Hide in Plain Sight

Here's a sexy cap series from Jackie Blue from over at Rachel's.

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New TG blog: Nikki's Sweet Dreams

TG blogging is no longer a trend. It has become a movement.

Yes, I am glad to present to you yet another TG capper that is publishing her caps in her own blog: Nikki Crosby.

Nikki's Sweet Dreams presents various types of erotic TG caps with beautiful women and magical changes.

Go to Nikki's Sweet Dreams.

Image: metart.com


Rebecca's World gets covered by the technology press

Webpronews, a site covering web and search engine marketing, is quoting me extensively in their blog.

Webpronews has discovered a a post I wrote in on of Google's help forums to draw attention to the fact that the Blogger content warning splash page stop Google's search crawlers from indexing site.

Rebecca's World and many of the other new TG blogs are close to invisible in Google results, which means that potential readers have a hard time finding us. (This is one of the reasons I had for putting up TFCC outside the content barrier).

Webpronews says:

"It seems reasonable no one would object to a content warning, but if Google is true to its commitment to index the world’s information, erotic content on its own blogging service should be on the list to include."

I originally thought the reason for Blogger blocking Google's crawlers was lack of communication between the Google search team and the Blogger team. (Blogger is owned by Google).

Now I am not so sure. Another possible explanation is that Google will find it hard to handle all the spam blogs that will pop up on Blogger if they open the adult content to the crawlers.

Google is apparently working on the problem.


Sheila and Dalene

Sheila was the hottest girl on campus, there was no doubt about it.

She had that tall, slim model look that made all the girls sick with envy, and a chest that made all the boys pretend they didn't look -- although they did, of course, all the time.

And then there was that warm chocolate color of her skin.

Whoever were allowed to smell that skin would be as close to heaven as anyone could be in this life, Dylan concluded.

In short: Sheila was an unapproachable, and Dylan harbored no illusions regarding the chances of her talking to a guy like him.
It wasn't that he was bad looking or anything, but he was definitely not in the same league as the hot shots that dared make a try.

The only comfort was that they were also doomed to fail -- miserably. It was not much of a secret that Sheila was a practicing lesbian.

It therefore came as quite a shock to Dylan when Sheila came up to him after a lecture and started to talk -- to him!

"Hi there Dylan," she said, as if this was as any other normal conversation and not the end of the world.

"You are quite a nice guy, aren't you?"

Dylan replied something in the line of "duh, duh, duh...". She interpreted that to be a proper response to her request and went on to ask him whether he considered himself to be a gentleman that would treat a girl with decorum and kindness, and not break her heart with chauvinism and infidelity.

Incapable of speech, Dylan found it safest to nod rigorously.

"You know: Girls can be so cruel," she continued. "The idea that women are gentle and caring people is a damn myth," she said.

"I have been hurt too many times. Why don't you come over to my place on Saturday evening, and then we take it from there?"
The she turned around and left the building.

The next two days were lost in a feverish haze. What was this all about? Was she out to trick him? Humiliate him? Or worse: Turn him into a fag hag? (It said a lot about his state of mind that he debated with himself the mere existence of male fag hags...)

When he finally showed up on Saturday, he was tired of worries and sleepless nights, but Sheila didn't seem to notice.

"I am glad you could come," she told him and showed him into the garden behind her impressive villa.

"It all belongs to my father," she said, when she saw his stunned look. "It is one of his many property investments, and he lets me live her as long as I am a student."

"Uh hu," he replied.

"You are not very talkative, are you Dylan? I have found that not many men are good at chatting." She looked at him mischievously.


"Ah, there you go! By the end of this evening I am sure we will get you up to at least three syllables."

She went over to an icebox and pulled out a beer.

"You see, it is a common misconception among men that talking is invented for the exchange of information. It isn't. Speech was developed for the sake of social bonding. We chatter to show each other that we care about it each other. That we belong together."


"One theory has it that women talk more than men because they used to be the social glue of the family, while the men were out hunting. The men had to be quiet not to scare away the pray, while the women had to gossip in order to scare away the predators."


"That is what I said as well, but the fact remains that we women seem to talk more than you men do. But what do I know? When you are alone together, you probably gossip as much as we  do, you know, watching football or going on a fishing trip."

She stopped: "Enough talk! Do you want to be my girlfriend?"


"You seem to be such a nice person, and I am tired of intrigue. So I asked if you would like to be my girlfriend."

"But I am a man!"

"That's not a problem. My grandmother is a witch and all that. You should know, though, that being my girlfriend does require some pillow talk."

"No falling asleep after sex, you hear me!"


"Then we have an agreement?"

Her smile killed all his counter-arguments. They were left bleeding in the pool as she went to find the magic potion.

This cap is dedicated to Dalene.

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Sasha's revenge

"Good God, Mark, what have you done? I warned you not to touch grandma's medallion!"

"Well, you have always been complaining about how men are from Mars and women are from fracking Andromeda, and how little I understand about your feelings, and always forget to water the plants and all that crap.

"Well, this is my gift to you: A perfect playmate that understands you completely."

"But Mark, I am not into women. I like your dick!"

"Now you are telling me! You always used to talk about the penis as a metaphor for the spear and violation, and that all men -- I quote -- are 'mindless bastards thinking about one thing only'. You were not referring to sports, believe me!"

"But Mark, I didn't mean it that way. Of course men are crap, but we women cannot live without them. I mean, how else would we know that we are superior?"

"And you like dick?"

"Of course I do, and you had such a big one!"

"Ok. I believe you are right. I can feel it. Women needs cock like a fish needs water. I'll get the medallion. It is time we give you a penis, my dear."

This one is for SometimesSimone. Click on images to enlarge!


The results from the The Other Side of Your Soulpoll

I would like to thank those who voted in my poll on your favorite kind of story - all 1659 of you!

It is not that I won't follow my own ideas when writing new stories, but it helps to know what you like the most.

Maybe this could be of use to other story writers and captioneers as well, when they plan their creative work.

You do not represent an unbiased selection of respondents, that's for sure, and the fact that so many of you voted for "Magical change" and "Forced against his will" as your favorite fantasies may reflect that this blog has so many of those stories.

That transexuals and cross-dressing scored low may  be due to the fact that you represent one sub-section of the transgender community, while transsensuals and cross-dressers represent another. I am not sure about that, however. It could also be that the act of cross-dressing turns you on, but reading about it does not.

Some of you also gave me some great comments on what you would like to see more of here at Rebecca's World.

Several of you were pretty specific: " Lesbian in terms of girl on girl, period. East Asian. Forced. Not mind controlled but seduced."

Although most of you belong to the "change by magic" camp, there are others that look for more realism: 

"I'd like to see more stories chronicling the actual feminization of men via hormones and implants by either father figures or bosses or friends but with using real pictures of transsexuals. There aren't hardly ANY decent tranny captions out there in the whole world."

(I hope to rectify that).

Some of you look for topics I hadn't even considered, like furry gender transformations, futanaris and female lack of bladder control. (Come to think of it; I have actually covered the last one).

Those of you who likes TS and TV stories or tales about MILFs and black girls (two other lowly ranked alternatives) should not despair, however. There will be caps for all you, although maybe not as many in those categories as originally planned.

There is one big surprise for me in this poll, though: The fact that "love stories" only got 111 votes. 

Seriously folks: Girls love romance, pillow talk and chick flicks with pink covers. Go home and practice! Right away! Now! Hush!

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Guest cap series: Being Rebecca by Bren

Bren has made me an insanely hot lesbian love story about yours truly that I just have to share with you.

Click on images to enlarge!