Happy New Year!

It was a hell of a new year party. A lot of intoxicated beautiful young people everywhere, dancing and laughing.

The time was a quarter to midnight and Phil had already had far too much to drink.

A kind looking old man caught him stumbling and helped him down in a chair.

"Thanschh, man!" Phil said.

"My pleasure young man! Phil is it?"

"Phil. That's me. Phil. Phil. Phil. I think I am drunk...."

"You most certainly are, my son, but sometimes alcohol may bring out the truth. Do you drink because you are unhappy?"

"Unhappy? Thisch is the most grand new year party ever, man. I mean, look at them..."

"Yes, but you are just here. You are not partying with them, if you know what I mean."

"Right." Phil tried to focus at the man. A damn nice man he was, too!

"What do you wish for this new year?" the man asked.

"I wish I wash a girl... a girlie... you know... a woman!" That last part came out too load, and someone tried to hush him down. The old man helped him out on the terrace.

"Why do you want to be a woman, son?"

"Becaush, becaush girlsh just want to have fun." He started to sing in a false voice. The old man mercifully interrupted this show of artistic talent.

"Are you sure about this? You really want to be a woman? Seriously?"

Phil finally managed to focus. "Don't tell anybody, old man, but I really do. She lives inside me you know, pestering me day and night, asking me to let her out. I mean, she is nice in her strange way and I love her very much, but there ish nothing I can do, really..."


"I don't know. I call her Mindy. She lives inside my head and my body. Are you a doctor? Do you think I am creishy or something?"

"No, son, I am not a doctor, and I do not think you are crazy. This happens to a lot of men, believe me. We do after all have everything needed to become a man or a woman, genetically, psychologically and spiritually."

"What are you saying? I don't undersch... I don't get it! Are you Brenda's granddaddy or shomething?"

"I am more like your granddaddy, son..."

"Nah, he lives in Florida...."

"Well, I did not mean it literally. Think of me as someone who wills you well. Now, it is nearly midnight. Close your eyes and make that wish. I will see to it that it comes true."

Phil closed his eyes, and as the noise of fireworks and people counting down towards the new year flushed over him, he could actually feel Mindy stepping out of his old body.

At the stroke of twelve he opened his eyes and found his old friend Brenda in front of him. She embraced him enthusiastically.

"Mindy, Mindy, Mindy," she cried. "Happy new year Mindy, my best friend in the world!"

Phil looked down at his new slim, feminine body and touch the golden locks of hair falling over his - her - shoulders, and giggled in delight.

"Happy new year, Brenda. I love you too! This is going to be the best year in my life. I just know it. Listen, did you see an old man here right now? Grey hair. A nice smile..."

"No, why? There are only young people like us here."

Mindy looked around, but she could not see him.

"Tell me," Brenda asked. "What did you wish for?"

"Oh no, I cannot tell you that, Brenda. You now that. Then the wish might not come true..."

Xandra wishes you and your inner woman a Happy New Year!

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  1. Anonymous12/31/2008

    The same to you Rebecca - may your deepest, most feminine wishes explode soon, into the girliness we all need!



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