Rebecca's World gets covered by the technology press

Webpronews, a site covering web and search engine marketing, is quoting me extensively in their blog.

Webpronews has discovered a a post I wrote in on of Google's help forums to draw attention to the fact that the Blogger content warning splash page stop Google's search crawlers from indexing site.

Rebecca's World and many of the other new TG blogs are close to invisible in Google results, which means that potential readers have a hard time finding us. (This is one of the reasons I had for putting up TFCC outside the content barrier).

Webpronews says:

"It seems reasonable no one would object to a content warning, but if Google is true to its commitment to index the world’s information, erotic content on its own blogging service should be on the list to include."

I originally thought the reason for Blogger blocking Google's crawlers was lack of communication between the Google search team and the Blogger team. (Blogger is owned by Google).

Now I am not so sure. Another possible explanation is that Google will find it hard to handle all the spam blogs that will pop up on Blogger if they open the adult content to the crawlers.

Google is apparently working on the problem.

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  1. Thank you, rebecca for being such a wonderful spokeperson for erotic fiction on the internet.

    I must also add that you have been a lifesaver since Fictionmania has been down.

    I really enjoy your stories....


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