Chanel Preston and Beretta James from SexandSubmission.com
The forest has always been a place for fairy tales and myths. 

It is dark. It is primordial. It is exactly the kind of place where our subconscious dreams and fears may thrive and grow.

 This is exactly why the forest has been home to magical forces: The Green Man, the little people, fairies and hobbits and a wide variety of gods, goddesses and demons.

 Huldra is a Norwegian forest dweller. Men are lured into the forest by her feminine beauty, and not everybody sees her animal nature and her cow's tail.

 You do not actually meet Huldra in this tale of the forest, but she plays an important role anyway.

WARNING! This story contains scenes with explicit forced sex. It is definitely for adults only!

It is based on a movie made by the Kink site Sex and Submission.

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Witness Protection

I am working on a "graphic photo novel" on a man being helped by the US Marshals' Witsec program at the moment. Here is the cap that got me going.

The US Marshal looked at him with sympathy:

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"I do realize that this is a big change for you, Nate. I guess you understood that witnessing against the Coyote cartel meant entering the witness protection program, but this must be quite a shock for you. Nate, are you listening?"


"The problem is, as agent Donatello has probably explained to you, that the cartel has in its employee a very talented mathematician. Think the TV series Numbers, if you like. They have already managed to track down one of our witnesses down in New Orleans. They killed her before she could appear in court. This is why we asked the Pentagon to use the top secret alien transformation device they found in Antarctica in the 50's. Are you with me so far?"


"OK, we figured they will never believe Nate Anderson had become a woman, which is why you are now Sammie Sinclair out of Seattle. I am sorry about the rain and all, but we thought it was safest to move you out of California."


"Two syllables! This is progress. By the way, you must never blow your cover. If that happens by accident, you must tell me right away. As for talking about the top secret transformation device?  Well, I do not give a damn. No one would believe you anyway. Hm. You would like to be alone now, wouldn't you?"

"Uh huh!"


Rebecca Remixed 6

Have Faith!

Here is a look at some of my older TG transformation captions, with additional photos and some extra material.

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Blake Edwards' Switch

Switch Poster
In 1991 Blake Edwards of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Pink Panter fame made his first and only gender bender movie: Switch. 

He did not do this because he was a crossdreamer (I think) or because he was into TG fiction, but because he believed putting a male chauvinist into a sexy woman's body would make for great comedy.

And in one way it did.  Edward's managed to expose the hollowness of gender stereotypes.

Unfortunately he did so by reaffirming them. Steve is a misogynistic, homophobic, jerk, even as a woman. Even the ending, where child birth gives room for real love, only serves to confirm what people already think they know about men and women.

Ellen Barkin as Steve
It is interesting to see how the sex change scenario plays out in the same way as it often does in TG caps and TG erotic movies, though.

You know: shock replaced by curiosity replaced by mischievous delight. It is as if this kind of scenario has its own logic that can have only one outcome.

It is interesting to see what a master of cinema can do when presenting such a scene, though, and how an actor like Ellen Barkin can present shock and confusion.

Steve Brooks is murdered by his ex-girfriends. In purgatory the bigendered (!) God decides to give him another chance and sends him back.

The Devil, however, argues that Steve belongs to him, and suggest a compromise. Steve is to be allowed another chance, as a woman.

Below find a clip from the beginning of the film, where Steve finally realizes what has happened to him.

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You can see the trailer over at AllMovie.


More Erotic Gender Bender and TG comics Made in Japan (Hentai Manga)

Cover of hentai gender bender story Change!
I have already presented some Japanese gender bender comics or manga for you. In this post i will present a few more. I include links to online versions of the comics.

The large amount of such material and the fact there is a separate commercial genre for this, both as regards comics and movies, tells me that there are a lot of gender benders in Japan.

Some older Westerners find the drawing style om manga confusing and unrealistic. The large round eyes of the women in manga may seem exaggerated and outlandish (even if the style  was inspired by French drawings, originally).

In the case of gender bending manga this child like appearance of women becomes accentuated by the fact that the great majority of stories take place in schools. The Japanese fascination for sexy school girls is everywhere.

I must admit I miss more stories with adults. The all too many misogynistic rape scenes are also disturbing, although I can perfectly well see the place for forced sex fantasies in TG erotica. These are fantasies, not depictions of real life.

Note that there is some overlap between the gender bender and futanari genres. Futanari are very feminine hermaphroditic characters, and in gender bending stories men might find themselves confronted with sexy women with a combination of a big penis and a vulva. They may also be transformed into a futanari themselves.

Selected online comics

The cover of Soul Chain, one of the darker gender
challenging Japanese comics.
The following selection may give you an idea of the variety of styles and stories found in gender bender  hentai (adult comics).

Girl Day reminds me of the school story of Ed Miller. One day every year the two school boys are turned into girls and have to please the other males around. The story never explains why, but then again that is not really necessary.

Change is a short story about a police man that collides with a school girl in the street and gets trapped in her body. She is still there, though, talking to him in her mind.  His male body dies. He now continues his search for a rapist and criminal as her, in the streets of Tokyo.

Busty and Penny is another short one where two men find themselves in the bodies of women (or very feminine hermaphrodites or futanari, rather). Nothing is explained really, only their exploration. This comic is bending gender in the true sense of the term.

Amuai – Case Files is a strange and very short story about a boy that wakes up as a busty girl. I do not know what to make of it.

From Playtime with a sex doll.
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Date is apparently one of the major maker of Japanese TG erotic comics, and his major work is Deep Stalker (parts 1 and 2). This story definitely belongs to the extreme end of the spectrum, as it is a genuine horror story. A man makes a deal with a demon which allows him to skin people. He can then put on these "skins", and the demon gives him the body of the relevant victim.

Date is also the creator of  Subute Wa Boku No Mono,  another dark story where a young man takes a potion that lets him possess the body of  girl he knows. You may also find more seriously twisted transformation stories by Date online.

Another complex and long graphic novel with much violence and humiliation is the fantasy/science fiction story Soul Chain. Leon is captured by a witch and slave trader, Jewelry Violet, who turns him into a sex slave futanari. A princess tries to save him. It is very well done, but it is crosses some lines that are better not crossed in my opinion.

Hororechuchuparero is the story about the drug with the same name. It makes you switch sex for one day. There isn't much of a structure to this comic, just a lot of sex.

Playtime with a Sex Doll takes place in a universe where you can transfer your mind to a live like futanari robot via something that looks like a USB port to me. Our nerdy protagonists demonstrates the device to one of his fellow pupils, and while she is trapped in the robot, he transfers his mind to her body.

In Still Best Friends the reason why one of two school buddies has been changed into a buxom girl is never explained. That does not stop them from moving their friendship in a new - ah - direction.

Compared to Blue Drop, however, Still Best Friends is just a short cap of a masturbation fantasy. Blue Drop is a long, well worked out, graphic novel. The topic is the same: One of two best male friends is changed into a woman, but this story present a whole new universe, where an invading alien race, the Arume, rules the Earth and do their strange experiments on men.

Transformation from TS trouble.
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In TransSexual Trouble a young, sensitive boys is given a drug by his doctor. It is supposed to make him more attractive to the other sex. In a way, it does, as it changes him into a sexy girl and a boy magnet. Too late he realizes he is part of a scientific experiment exploring the sexuality of men and women.

Futa Witch is a very short story about a sexist man who gets his well deserved punishment by a futanari witch.  

Michael Keikaku is a long graphic gender bending novel. Although Japan is not a Catholic country per se, the artists of Nippon love to make stories about Catholic schools. I guess it is the contrasts between school girls short skirts and celibate (?) nuns that add a certain charge to the narrative.

The creator of Michael Keikaku, Distance, has also made Oshiru Tenshi, or Fallen Angel,  a story about a boy who is transferred into the body of a beautiful girl.

I have not found many hentai manga that have been turned into movies.

ShindoL's brilliant (but brutal) graphic novel Becoming a Girl has become an animated (anime) movie (TSF Monotagari Pop ups!) A boy i saved from certain death by a medicine that turns him into a busty girl. You can see episode 1 here. Click here for episode 2. 
The front page of Blue Drop, a sci fi story
about sex change an love.

Becoming a Girl is definitely my favorite TG hentai manga at the moment. The motivation of the main character does not make much sense at first. He starts behaving like a slut from day one and his/her embrace of the sexual abuse that is doled out to the new girl seems to reinforce every misogynistic attitude found.

It is all explained, though, and in the end this manga gives us one of the strongest main characters of the genre.

Note that there is also a thriving comic culture for female to male gender benders called yaoi.

The main difference between male to female and female to male gender bender hentai is that the FTM versions are less likely to focus on the transformation from one sex to another.

Instead they are more likely to depict same-sex relationships between two men, one of them being dominated by the other. The female reader then identifies with one of them, most often the seme - i.e. the dominant one.

When reading, remember that the Japanese comics maker arrange images chronologically from right to left.


Guest Cap: Sadie Hawkins Day

Here is a cap in the non-magic genre Amanda McCree made for me over at Rachel's Haven:

Being a Scandinavian, I had to look this up, but Sadie Hawkins Day is an American folk event, Sadie Hawkins Day is a pseudo-holiday that originated in Al Capp's classic hillbilly comic strip, Li'l Abner (1934–1978). This inspired real-world Sadie Hawkins dances, where girls ask boys out.