Chanel Preston and Beretta James from SexandSubmission.com
The forest has always been a place for fairy tales and myths. 

It is dark. It is primordial. It is exactly the kind of place where our subconscious dreams and fears may thrive and grow.

 This is exactly why the forest has been home to magical forces: The Green Man, the little people, fairies and hobbits and a wide variety of gods, goddesses and demons.

 Huldra is a Norwegian forest dweller. Men are lured into the forest by her feminine beauty, and not everybody sees her animal nature and her cow's tail.

 You do not actually meet Huldra in this tale of the forest, but she plays an important role anyway.

WARNING! This story contains scenes with explicit forced sex. It is definitely for adults only!

It is based on a movie made by the Kink site Sex and Submission.

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