Are you ready for your breast implants?

Tranisa has hired adult film actress Chessie Kay for a series of new POV (point of view) feminization videos.
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I am constantly amazed how easily these British actresses fall into the roles of dominant women, determined to help men into a better place in life.

Again, these movies are setting the scene for crossdreaming fantasies where you play the main role. They are published under the You WIll Dress label.

I have included a few captions made by Cheryl of Tranisa, which may give
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you an idea where they are going with all of this. The model is indeed Chessie Kay.

These are the new movies:

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1. You are suffering from testicular feminization, and there is -- unfortunately -- no cure but total feminization.

2. Your girlfriend has had enough of your sissy dressing and feminine ways and sends you to the local beauty salon instructing Chessie the beautician to feminize you.

3. Your girlfriend Chessie is very angry after finding a your secret stash of girls clothes and decides to punish you by letting you become the woman you are inside....... permanently.

4. Nurse Chessie is preparing you for a breast implant operation

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