Directory Update: A Ton of New TG Caption Sites

From Head Roulette. Click to enlarge!
I have  done some serious research, tracking down all the TG caption blogs missing from my directory.

There is a lot of creativity out there and our TG Fiction community is growing stronger every day.
From Jennie Makepeace.

Here's the thing: I have not found them all.

If you have a blog I have not listed, add a comment to this post.

I have taken the liberty of borrowing a few caps to show you some of the beauty of TG capping!

Click here to visit the TG Caption category of my directory!

From Melisa's Mind. Click to read!
From Naughty Bunny


  1. Hey would love my caption blog included in your directory: http://captionsofthetransgendered.blogspot.com.au/
    Much appreciated

    May :)

  2. Good work, 3 was my favoorite - Meliisa's mind. Very good story

  3. Good work, 3 was my favoorite - Meliisa's mind. Very good story

  4. Great work on the update, Rebecca.
    FYI: You've got me listed under "Transgender Story Sites" (and thank you for that), but my website has both TG stories and TG captions. Maybe I could be listed in both categories?

    Amanda Hawkins

  5. Hey hey Rebecca! Just gotta say thanks for listing my cap site on here! Really means a ton to me!

    - CelebBodySwap.blogspot.com -

  6. if possible can you add my site to you directory, thought there haven't been any updates recently i plan to add some more when i get a chance i have been quite busy recently.

  7. Thanks of the info! All added!

  8. Hi! I've got a brand new blog, and I would love for people to take a look!



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