Boy or Girl

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- She is no fun, is she?

- Nah, she will come around... Hey, Christy!  Look at us! Look at your sisters and smile a little!

- That didn't work now, did it? Christy, you have to stop insisting on us calling you Christian, OK? You are not Christian anymore. Can't you get it into your head that you lost the contest?

- Yeah, Christy, you have to face up to the facts. You are a girl now, and a sweet and sexy one at that!

- Hmph. We did warn him, didn't we.? 'Do not take part in a reality TV show where the boys voted out risk being turned into girls!' we told him. But did he listen? Noooo!

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- You didn't really believe they had the bionanotech needed to do it, did you Christy? You thought all the transformation you saw on "Boy or Girl" was fake.

- God, what a loser!

- I wouldn't say that!.... Chris, listen up! Both Greg, Dan, Mike and Charles say hello. They all want to ask you out on a date, even if you have been a boy. They think you are hot, Christy.

- What??? Dan wants to ask Chris out? That bastard! I am going to kill him!

- Come on sis!  You knew that was bound to happen. Get real! You have an A cup. God knows how far out in the alphabet Christy is.

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- That was a smile!  I saw it! Didn't you?

- Oh yes, that was definitely a smile.

Click here for more images from this photos shoot of Stacey Rae!

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