The Last Piece Standing

MakoDap, a very creative TG movie creator, has published the full version of The Last Piece Standing online.

This was one of the first movies from Mako Pictures, finished in 2005.

Ok, so this is not the erotic kind of movie I am normally presenting here. It is a true horror story, but I guess some of you will find the male to female transformation theme more than interesting.

For more by Mako, see the YouTube channel.


  1. Not the greatest transformation, but I really like the reaction (very natural and believable). Not a bad storyline either, reminds me a little bit of the movie "Moon" with sam rockwell where he thinks he's just on a 3 year mission, then realizes he's actually like the 100th clone that's been killed off.

  2. I want to be Lisa. Minus the woman killing virus, monsters, zombie apocalypse. Take out the horror aspect and focus on the transformation and aftermath and it could easily be converted into one of your stories.


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