The Green Field

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It was not that she had not warned him or anything. "Remember that it is a field of magic," Renate had told him. I mean, who says that kind of thing, anyway. Was she some kind of New Age chick or what?

Erik liked her island, though. And the field of flowers. It was nice of Andrew to ask her if he could tag along this weekend. Andrew was her brother, and not in any way like her. He was the "I can fix any kind of engine" kind of guy.

Ok, so she had said that he should be very careful if he found a four leaf clover. She has told him that unlike regular four leaf clovers, the clovers in this field granted all wishes: "So you better make sure you know what you wish for!"

So he went out into the field; felt the sun warm his body, and watched butterflys flutter by in the way butterflys fly by in Disney cartoons. And it felt right, you know, to lay down on  the grass, and let the field embrace him.

There it was, the four leaf clover. He hadn't really wished for this, had he? But when he felt his chest swell, his hips widen and his crotch flatten out, it felt as if it was something he could have asked for. So maybe he had.

He did not know how he would explain this to Renate, though. Or maybe she would understand. She seemed to be that kind of gal.


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  2. Where can I find it?

  3. I need to find that field! ASAP!!! Wonderful cap! You site here really produces some nice stuff! I can el you work hard at it! Thanks!


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