I am a bit of a fan of the Supernatural TV series. At least from season 2 onwards. I thought I might explore a supernatural universe filled with demons and strange magic.
Abigail Mac and Shae Summer from RK.com.

I found some amazing pictures of newcomer Shae Summers over at Reality Kings, and bit by bit the story about Frank, the shy guy who became a female demon hunter came to life.

This a long two parter -- a photo novel of sorts. Don't read it all in one go!

You can download the PDF here and here.

If you want the epub version click here or here!

Part two follows on June 6!


My Secret Life

Inspired by the pin-up universe, a mini-cap for you.
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New Film from Tranisa: Office Girl 2

My friends over at Tranisa have produced a new batch of erotic, softcore, crossdressing films.

I am going to start with Office Girl 2, which brings feminism up to a new level.

Jake is to present his underwear promotion video to Red, the intimidating boss of the  lingerie company and her two other female employees.

Red, Sapphire and Samantha all find his video crude, and offensive to women.

Red is so angry that she gives the task of making Jake better understand women to Sam and Sapphire. Both Sam and Sapphire realise the importance of this assignment and decide to transform Jake into a female called Julia.

I have said this before, but it needs to be said again: The chemistry between Tranisa's favorite actors is just getting better and better, which means that what could have become a farce, instead becomes great erotic comedy.

And Red: Well, his days of male privilege are definitely over!

You can buy and download the whole movie here!

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Unwrapping the Gift

I guess it was their anniversary or something.

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Butterfly Hill: Lost and Found

There are several trips to the
Butterfly Hill drug store in this
episode. Find out why!
Model: Nadia from RK.com.
Butterfly Hill is a hidden town, found only by those drawn til it. It lies in Nevada somewhere, but does not appear on maps or satellite images. And everyone who appears in Butterfly Hill is changed for life, if he or she sleeps there.

In this episode a man finds himself lost on the Nevada roads, finally arriving in Butterfly Hill, A girl in the drug store gives him a strange warning.

This is a free standing episode from the Butterfly universe, and not part of any of the longer stories.

I am remixing images from several videos made by Reality Kings here. You can see the original movies over there. But please note that my stories are not even remotely similar to the RKscripts ;)

You can download the full screen PDF from Mega or Box.

Click here for all the Butterfly Hill posts in reversed order!


Rebecca Remixed 10

Yes, it is time for another caption remix. As always there are a lot of previously unpublished photos!

You may download the PDF here or here!

If you are using a tablet or iPad, you might want to read it over at Slideshare.


Amazing Transformation Comics

Illustration by Wendy Thorne
You may want to take a look at Amazing Transformation Comics , a new online story devoted to comics in the realm of TG transformations, sissyfication, feminization and shemales.

Most of the comics are digital art, but there are also some hand drawn stories.

Do take a look!


Some More Girl Time from Rachel's Haven

I have a message from Rachel over at gender bender social site and caption heaven Rachel's Haven!

"The [original]  'A Little Bit of Girl Time' Short Story Collection was created with two purposes in mind: to provide quality transformation and transgender content and to act as a fundraiser for the Rachel's Haven community.

"In the past month, fourteen authors endeavored to create thirteen stories. Each story was edited by the publisher, a cover created, and compiled as an ebook for easy access anywhere someone might be. Each author gave their work freely so that all the proceeds from any sales would benefit Rachel's Haven.

Without further ado I present to you the very second volume of the A Little Bit of Girl Time collection, now selling at these fine retailers:"

by S.A. Ravencroft
Come visit Rio during the vibrant and sexy Carnival Holiday! There is magic in the air and we have your ticket. Come down and see the sights, enjoy the music and even be part of the parade. You won't be the same after your visit to this exotic place.


What did you just do?

Those of you who read The Other Side of Your Soulwill be better prepared.

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Online Trading

You never know what you get on the Internet.

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