Bicycle Girls

Let this be a warning, kids. This is what drugs can do to you!

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Celeste Star, Sammie Rhodes, Dani Daniels and Destiny Dixon from We Live Together.


The Grand Piano

Lily Labeu from Brazzers.
His mother invested everything into his skills as a pianist. And it worked. He had become the kind of young artist the newspapers wrote about and the girls flocked around.

It was the girls part that bothered his mother.

I her world all these girls were out to sully her son and destroy his art. And according to her madonna/whore logic it therefore made perfect sense to use the miracles of modern science to turn her son into a demure girl.

In this way her offspring could spend all his time on practicing and never feel a stirring down there ever again.

Well, it is clear to all of us -- I guess -- that his mother did not know much about human nature.

The photos of lovely Lily Labeu are from Brazzers.

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Guest cap: The risks of war

The American warfare in the Middle East has given us a lot of interesting innovation. Too bad this one isn't one of them. Or maybe it is?

This is a series of caps I got from jonusjjonus over at Rachel's Haven.

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The First Day

A new life begins.

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Zafira and Blue Angel from Sextronix.


Rebecca Remixed 2

Have Faith!

Here is a look at some of my older TG transformation captions, with additional photos and some extra material.

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Charisma Cappelli from Reality Kings
Two weeks ago I told you the story of a boy who used the spell books to explore the world of the other side.

Today you will have the chance to see how his -- or rather her -- new life turned out.

His friend Brian has decided to use the spell books to gain power. He has taken over the body of the Manual, the boss of the Odiar cartel, and is now making himself a harem of all his old enemies.

Welcome to the dark side of the Spell Book universe!

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This story features Charisma Cappelli from Reality Kings as Eve.


Guest Cap: The Desktop Girl

Sammie made me this caption about the Desktop Girl.  I am actually old enough to remember centerfolds. God, whatever happened to centerfolds.....  But I would not mind being a desktop girl, far from it!

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Spells and Magazines

HoneyLuau from Reality Kings
What had you done if the spell books appeared in your life, letting you change your environment at will.

You would, of course, start out by doing all the manly things required of you: seduce girls, make your cock bigger, get rich.

But still, one amazing possibility has now opened up for you. You may now explore what life is for the other side. The life of a woman.

You would, of course do your best to resist the temptation. I mean, what would your friend think about this unmanly behavior. But no one has to know, right? No one has to know.

The images of beautiful Honey Luau are from Reality Kings!

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When science is turned into tantalizing TG erotica

Some of you may already have visited the sister site of Tranisa.com: You Will Dress as a Woman!

The site takes a different approach to setting up the scene for a transgender fantasy: You are the male bodied actor in these movies and the female stars are talking to you.

Each and every movie presents a new feminization fantasy, often mixed with a dash of humiliation and sissyfication. The correct term is "female domination POV" videos, POV referring to the point of view of the one holding the camera.

Two new movies from the site brings in some fascinating elements from the science of transgender: Your Cock has Gone and Take your Hormones.
Sapphire Blue and Holly Kiss in Your Cock has Gone

In Your Cock has gone a female doctor, well played by Holly Kiss, wakes you up after your surgery and tells you that -- indeed -- your penis is missing, and it is time for you to adapt to life as a girl.

The clever mix of scientific jargon and TG erotic fantasy makes it all very effective.

Sapphire Blue finds it a little bit harder to keep a straight face in Take your Hormones! But she does make her role as a psychiatrist believable.

Sapphire Blue in Take Your Hormones!
This is also the first time I have heard or seen the word "autogynephilia" in TG erotica. I don't believe in that theory myself, but in this context it just accentuates the trap the male bodied protagonist finds himself in as Sapphire explains that you have passed the point of no return in his hormone therapy.

The makers of these movies knows a lot about hormone treatments, sex reassignment surgery and transgender therapy, but they never let the science get in the way of a good feminization fantasy.

Each film in the series lasts between 8 and 20 minutes and costs US$ 9.99. 


Guest cap: Frozen

Here is one of the most elegantly designed TG caps I have seen in a very long time.  It is made by Claudia and it is art!

 I mean, just look at it! Look at that O! .... I see, you have only eyes for the girl. Barbarians!

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