The Grand Piano

Lily Labeu from Brazzers.
His mother invested everything into his skills as a pianist. And it worked. He had become the kind of young artist the newspapers wrote about and the girls flocked around.

It was the girls part that bothered his mother.

I her world all these girls were out to sully her son and destroy his art. And according to her madonna/whore logic it therefore made perfect sense to use the miracles of modern science to turn her son into a demure girl.

In this way her offspring could spend all his time on practicing and never feel a stirring down there ever again.

Well, it is clear to all of us -- I guess -- that his mother did not know much about human nature.

The photos of lovely Lily Labeu are from Brazzers.

Download PDFs here and here!


  1. It is said that, "Those who can't do, teach." Perhaps Bobbie should take some students. You know, Boys and girls she can show just the right way to tickle the ivories... among other things.

    And really, i.m.o., the mother seems like she could do with a good 'tuning' too!


  2. That was totally amazing.


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