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HoneyLuau from Reality Kings
What had you done if the spell books appeared in your life, letting you change your environment at will.

You would, of course, start out by doing all the manly things required of you: seduce girls, make your cock bigger, get rich.

But still, one amazing possibility has now opened up for you. You may now explore what life is for the other side. The life of a woman.

You would, of course do your best to resist the temptation. I mean, what would your friend think about this unmanly behavior. But no one has to know, right? No one has to know.

The images of beautiful Honey Luau are from Reality Kings!

Download PDF here or here.

Click on the four arrow symbol below for the full screen experience, or read the photo comic over at Slideshare.


  1. Anonymous3/08/2013

    Great to see you returning to the spellbooks universe! I always thought it was one of your best, if not your most interesting creation. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Wonderful. OMG! His penis had the biggest crown and was so bulbous. Thank you for the cap at the Haven last month. It came during a very rough time and lifted my spirits a whole lot.

  3. Hmm, I wonder how long it will be before Samantha realizes how much more power she has now than she did as a man! After all, she did induce Brian to give her what she really wanted! And considering those funky eyebrows growing back and the hint of budding breasts, apparent from certain angles on Brian's chest, Samantha should soon notice that her former buddy has engaged on a different path to a similar destination. [... or perhaps it's just my imagination?]


  4. Can I find that spell book


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