Single Malt

From the barrels of old Scotland, we bring you redemption!

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The Librarian

Some men dream of a beauty they cannot have, because they want to be that beauty and not possess it.
Missy Martinez from Brazzers

He was a librarian. He loved books, and the fact that he could hide away from it all in that place. The books provided an escape from whatever pain he felt.

Then one day he found a very different book, a book that would change his life forever.

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The photos of Missy Martinez are from Brazzers.



Here is one I originally published over at my tumblr blog.

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Club XX

Here is a slideshow/cap series I made back in 2011. Never got around to publishing it, though.

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Images of Lisa and Liz from Sextronix.


Wicked Makes an MTF Bodyswap Movie

Let's admit it: Porn is most often very boring. Arousing, yes... but unimaginative. And this also applies to the few male to female transformation porn movies out there.

Wicked recently released a new male to female bodyswap movie.

Kim and David have two kids and a nice home in the suburbs, but their marriage has become rocky.

After a heated argument they both wish that the other could see things from his or her point of view. And yes, when they wake up, they find themselves forced to live the life of the other.

Is it any good?
Stormy Daniels from the movie

Well yes, but not for the reasons you might expect. It has clearly not been made by transformations enthusiasts. David does get to have lesbian sex as a woman, but that is not the main point here. The rest of the sex scenes are, as is often the case, simple add ons to the story, pretty much unrelated to the plot (which is why there are no explicit scenes in the clip included below).

No, the surprising thing about this movie is that it is actually very funny in a family sitcom kind of way. Stormy Daniels, who plays the body of Kim, and Michael Vegas, the body of David, do some really decent comedy acting.

This is a study of gender stereotypes, dammit!

You can buy and see the movie here!

You can see my clip here!


Rebecca Remixed 9

Here is another mash-up of some of my captions, with a lot of additional photos!

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Keep calm and think of....

Magic, magic, magic! What should a TG capper do without it ;)

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The Nerd

Sometimes I make stories that are so silly that I am unsure whether I should publish them or not.
Tiffany Star from Brazzers.

This is one of them, a story I made two years ago about a nerd who gets tricked into becoming a woman by his professor.

Tiffany Star is sure sweet as the nerd, though!

The photos are from Brazzers, as site that gives me all the erotic photos I could wish for when writing photo comics like this one.

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