Wicked Makes an MTF Bodyswap Movie

Let's admit it: Porn is most often very boring. Arousing, yes... but unimaginative. And this also applies to the few male to female transformation porn movies out there.

Wicked recently released a new male to female bodyswap movie.

Kim and David have two kids and a nice home in the suburbs, but their marriage has become rocky.

After a heated argument they both wish that the other could see things from his or her point of view. And yes, when they wake up, they find themselves forced to live the life of the other.

Is it any good?
Stormy Daniels from the movie

Well yes, but not for the reasons you might expect. It has clearly not been made by transformations enthusiasts. David does get to have lesbian sex as a woman, but that is not the main point here. The rest of the sex scenes are, as is often the case, simple add ons to the story, pretty much unrelated to the plot (which is why there are no explicit scenes in the clip included below).

No, the surprising thing about this movie is that it is actually very funny in a family sitcom kind of way. Stormy Daniels, who plays the body of Kim, and Michael Vegas, the body of David, do some really decent comedy acting.

This is a study of gender stereotypes, dammit!

You can buy and see the movie here!

You can see my clip here!


  1. Anonymous4/12/2014

    truly a horrible movie...the worst of any adult swap movie i have seen

  2. Anonymous4/12/2014

    it said the video is gone

  3. Anonymous4/12/2014

    i dont have movie on the screen what happened to it?

  4. Anonymous4/13/2014

    I was excited when I found out about this last year, but I was extremely disappointed when I got the chance to watch this. The swapped couple doesn't even get to have sex with each other before they swap back. The new man doesn't get to have sex at all and the new woman cheats on her spouse with another woman. Seeing as my biggest turn-on is when a MtF transformee has straight sex, this didn't do much for me.
    Even though they're censored and the girls are way too hairy, all the available Japanese body swap movies (I must have come across at least a dozen of them over the years) are at least 10 times more arousing than this piece of cr*p.

  5. Anonymous4/13/2014

    Can't seem to be able to watch it...

  6. trailer doesn't look too bad:

    I'll admit it does look a little dis-jointed, but what porn isn't? At least there's still some reasonable good acting. Also I wouldn't expect the couple to have sex, having sex with your old body would probably be pretty weird.

    At the very least, maybe this is just the foot in the door for more porno companies to make more gender swap titles?

  7. Anonymous4/15/2014

    @tg_captioner: Probably not. The gender swap was just a comedic vehicle to elicit some laughs, an idea stolen from movies like The Hot Chick and She's The Man, so it's not likely to spark a new trend. The movie is completely geared toward the mainstream porn market (not at TG-lovers or crossdreamers or whatever you want to call this niche), which is probably why the new woman only had lesbian sex. Letting her have straight sex might turn off too many straight men (at least in the western world), which is why it hardly ever happens in American gender swap titles. Personally I don't think it would be weird to have the swapped couple have sex. If you get a chance to see what it's like for the other half, you'd simply have to take it, because it's not likely to come again, but cheating on your spouse would be a bad thing, so I think it would be only natural to try sex with each other. Also, this way you can do for your spouse what you liked in your old body and vice versa, probably improving your sex life by a lot once you change back. Personally, I don't really see the point of having spouses swap in a porn movie if they don't get to have sex with each other. And the fact that the new guy didn't even get to have sex at all was completely ridiculous. I'd give this 1 star out of 10.


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