Man to MILF

Here is a new video mash-up made by TG Tales.

And yes, this is all fictional!


Sissyfication in Second Life

As some of you may know there are places online where you can live out your transgender fantasies, in role playing games or in online virtual worlds like Second Life.

I came over a German electopunk multi performance artist called Ms. Jori Tokyo, who has built a whole virtual emporium in Second Life called Forced Feminization University.

In her blog FFU Broadcasting Jori says that their specialities are "transformations, doll play and sissy training inside Second Life and in all thinkable forms and also a in a wide range."

Truth to be told, I haven't tried out Second Life yet. Hm, maybe I should...

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Guest Cap: Processing

Here's a guest TG cap made by Becky over at Rachel's. I'll see if I can find a way of embedding this flash file over at this blog :-)

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The Genie and I

My grandfather had been a sailor, a long time ago, between the wars. He told us the most amazing tales -- about the sea serpent off the coast of Borneo and the pretty girls in Japan.

"I met a Geisha called Pretty Pretty Pi, once" he said. Grandmother was scowling.

Now he was dead, and I had inherited a loft full of junk. No diamonds, as he had claimed, nor gold from King Solomon's mines.

I did find an old oil lamp of the Middle Easter type, though. He had bought it from the Shah of Persia he told us, but I found "Made in the Republic of China" printed at the bottom.

I brushed it anyway, most out of spite and boredom. I nearly had a heart attack when a male figure "whooshed" out of the bottle and folded his arms. "Good evening, my dear Sir. I am Chang Kai Chek, the famous Persian genie!"

He didn't look much Persian too me. "Chang Kai Check was Chinese," I said. What could I say?

"Ah, you are a learned gentleman, I see. Then you maybe succeed in formulating a wish that gives you what your heart desires."

I was obviously turning raving mad. I decided that I might as well play along, and I told him a secret I hadn't told anyone, anywhere. I spilled out my heart out to him.

"I want to be a woman," I told him. I had never felt at home in my male body, and had looked longingly at all the beautiful girls surrounding me at school and at work.

"No, no, no! You cannot ask me for that!" He looked shocked and upset.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Have you any idea of how boring it is, staying in that dusty lamp year after year? There is nothing to read and no cable. My only joy is to be awakened like this and make some fun of my masters..."


"Ah!" He seemed a bit embarrassed. "The laws of magic commands me to fulfill their wishes, but not in spirit, only by the letter."

"So you interpret their wishes quite liberally," I said.

"Yes... Oh!" He clapped his hands enthusiastically. "There was, for instance, this British captain that got hold of me out of Goa in 1878.

He asked me for 'a seemingly damsel with a big bosom', so I turned him into a big titted blonde. He was entertaining the whole crew all around the Cape." The genie laughed heartily.

"So I can't ask you to become a woman, because that takes the fun out of it?"


"Why are you so focused on turning men into women? I mean, there are so many stories of that kind around."

"Eh, eh well." He stopped talking.

"Eh well what?"

"I think they are so beautiful. The women, you know. They move so gracefully. And they have so beautiful clothes. I remember a Geisha in Japan once called Pretty Pretty Pi. She had the most adorable smile. She could fill the whole room with sunshine. And the men are so ugly, and they get so desperate when their tits start growing. They don't know that I am doing them a favor."

"Do genies have genders?"

"What? Of course we have. When we have served out 107 wishes we may retire in Florida and live perfectly normal lives."

"In Florida?"

"Well, it used to be Bagdad, but it has lost some of its attractiveness."

"So you are a transgendered genie?"


"You want to be a woman!"

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes, you do!"

"Eh, well, yes!"

"Well then I wish that you are turned into a woman."

"You cannot do that!"

"Sure I can!"

He held still for a moment as if he was thinking. Then he smiled the most wonderful smile I had ever seen. "Sure you can!" Then he changed in front of me, into a beautiful woman.

"Now it is your turn," she said.

"I thought I had only one wish," I said.

"There are always three, you silly," she said. "I was only trying to deny you your rights."

Then I could feel my body tingling. My hair got darker and darker. It was growing fast, soon reaching my shoulders. I could feel my chest expanding slowly, at the same time as my crotch reshaped itself into a smooth vulva. I looked down at my new green dress.

"Pretty Pretty Pi?" I asked.

"Pretty Pretty Pi!" he replied.

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The girl in the photo

"Mum! Muuuum!!"

"Yes dear?" She looked over at her seven year old son. He was deep down in one of the cardboard boxes she had carried down from the loft. Spring cleaning.

"Who's this?"

He held up an old photo. A girl smiling, a beautiful girl smiling.

"Hey! Where did you find that!" she started out angry, then stopped herself and continued in a calmer voice: "That's Jason, eh, that's Jay. I thought I had gotten rid of all those photos."

"Who is she?"

"She used to be a friend of me, a close friend."

"She looks kind - and happy."

"Yes, she is kind. You would have loved her. And she is happy. Now she is happy."

"Can I meet her?"

"No! I won't let her!"

"Why not?"

"I can't tell you. It's grown up stuff..."

"Oh, mum! Please! It feels like I know her."

"Yeah, well."

"Where is she now?"

"I don't know. Someone told me she is in Canada. Can't we talk about something else? Did you find some toys in there?"


"Yeah, Jason?"

"When did you see her last?"

"Seven years ago, Jason. Seven years ago."

This one is for Jay.
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Babylon Academy Episode 4: The Fugitive

In this new exciting episode of Babylon Academy we learn to know what happened to Ronya after her final transformation to an Ershkigal agent.

And we will look into the fate of Jerry, the nasty boy Ronya engaged in a food war in episode 2.

That is not all, however, as we will open with scenes from ancient Babylon, the home of the mysterious Daughters of Ereshkigal.

Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but the goddesses of Inanna/Ishtar and her sister Ereshkigal were two of the most important divinities in the Sumerian and Mesopotamian pantheons.

Inanna represented the the new moon, the full moon and the waning moon. She was the goddess of love and war. Ereshkigal stood for the dark moon and the underworld.

And not only that, one of the epitaphs of Inanna was "the one who changes men into women and women into men". At the temple of Inanna served the assinu or the kurgala, men that had been called to serve as female temple prostitutes and priestesses. Whether the magic they made use of was as powerful as the one I am describing, is another matter.

The images are from the voluptuous Big Tits at School site, which comes highly recommended! If you sign up for that site, you get more than 20 additional Brazzer sites for the same prize. I use them a lot for my photo stories.

Click here to read the previous episodes in the Babylon Academy series!

Alternative Dowload site.

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A Boring Husband

Here's a TG cap series from Pasonte from Spain!

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Asking for directions

"Well, hey there, isn't it Michael! It is good to see you!"

"Eh, I am afraid you have the advantage on me. Do I know you?"

"It's Nate, you old buddy from Sunny High!"

"Eh, really. I didn't recognize you. You have... eh ... changed."

"To the better, I hope."

"I guess you could say that. What happened Nate? You look very much like a woman to me..."

"Ah good old Michael! Always the joker, eh? Well, I guess I have gone through some changes, but haven't we all!"

"Well... But what happened?"

"It all started three years ago. My wife -- you know Cindy, right? From Biology 101? She is standing over there -- anyway, my wife and I had rented a cottage in Provence, and there we were, driving around, trying to find the place, you know. I was the designated driver and I really could not find the damned place, even with Cindy helping with the map and all. Then we entered a small village and she told me to stop the car and ask someone for directions."


"Yeah, that's what I said too. I told her that men, through millions of years of evolution, had found that your chances of survival increased drastically if you found your way on your own. I mean, strangers are likely to kill you, right? Eat you even -- especially the French. So I refused."

"Good for you!"

"Yeah, but you see, then she accused me of cowardice."

"Oh no, that was a dirty trick."

"So I stopped the car."

"You didn't!"

"I had to! My honor as a man was at stake!"

"I guess."

"I stopped a young man. Roland is his name. He is standing over there, next to my wife."

"Is he kissing her?"

"Oh yes! He is such a good kisser! Anyway, were was I? Oh yes. He told me were to drive, and it wasn't difficult at all. It actually felt kind of good."

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes! And then, at the cottage, it turned out that I had forgotten to pack my Tom Clancy. I had to borrow one of my wife's pink and yellow books..."

"Chick litt?"

"Yeah, Cindy and I call it Chick Clit! Haaaa, that's funny, eh? No? But the book was kind of funny, you know. And then we went for a walk to the village to shop, and we had so much to carry that I had to carry Cindy's handbag."

"Good God!"

"I liked her handbag. It had all kinds of fascinating stuff in it. Lipstick, mascara, tissue paper for crying. Very practical, but also very sexy. When Cindy saw how much I liked it, she gave me one of my own. And that's about it really. When you first get the hang of shopping, it is hard to stop, you know."

"No, i don't know. Shopping! Is that how you got your tits, as well?"

"No, these babies are a gift from Cindy. Wedding anniversary. But enough about me. You look great, Michael. You haven't aged a day. Really! Do you work out?"

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This one is for Starhawk.


Mr. Bunny

No Mr. Bunny! It wasn't like that at all.

When I came here I was a a boy. I know I was, because Ihad trousers and stuff. I came because Veronica asked me to.

You like Veronica? So do I! She has nice titties. Much bigger than mine, but she says she can fix that.

No, I say! I was a boy! I was Tim. I was in high school, you know. Played football and everything. You know, with all the big boys.

I didn't like big boys then. Not in that way, you know. Veronica says she will get me a football player for my birthday next week.

I told her that I ain't good at playing football anymore, because this body is kind of weak and stuff, but she said I shouldn't worry. We will play another game she says. Maybe he can play with you and me, Mr. Bunny.

Veronica was angry at Tim, you know. She yelled at him and stuff. Used words my mum says you shouldn't use, you know. And she didn't wash her mouth with soap afterwards either.

She called him a good for nothing male chauffeur pig. I used to know what that means, you know, but now I am not sure. I like pigs. Piglet is a pig isn't he? And then, and then... then she changed me into Tiffany.

I like Tiffany. She is so tiny. Here, feel my skin. Isn't it soft? No, it is not as soft as your fur, I know that, but I have fur down here, and it feels so good when I touch it.

I used to have a thing down there you know, and it felt good when I touched it, but not as good as this. Veronica says that if I touch it too much, I may have an organism and stay a girl forever. Then I could wear skirts and blouses and keep this long, soft, hair forever.

That wouldn't be too bad, would it Mr. Bunny?

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This one is for Red17.


Minicap: The Wild Side 19

I know, this silliness will have to stop -- some day!

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Guest Cap: Think, Man, Think!

Here's a guest TG caption made by Ron over at Rachel's Haven.

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Birthday Gift

She had made him dinner. She had given him one hour of intense lovemaking. It was his birthday, after all.

Now she asked him sto stand up naked and close his eyes.



"Don't open your eyes, whatever happens to you? OK? This is my birthday gift to you!"


"Hold your hands over your chest, darling. Yeah, that's right. Let them cover your nipples."


"Just do it! It is a magic trick!"

Ellen had been into magic for several times now, reading Aleister Crowley, Giordano Bruno and what not. Damien didn't put too much into it. As long as she was happy, he was happy, and her parlour tricks were a success at parties.

Now she started to shant one of those strange spell of hers.

Suddenly it felt like there was a breeze touching his skin, and he felt that he got goosebumps. She was good! Maybe she had opened the window or something.

Then he got the strangest sensation. It was as if his nipples started to grow inside his palms. It must be the cold, he thought. But then it was like his chest started to swell outwards, filling his hands with soft flesh.

"Don't open your eyes!" she commanded.

Had she drugged him? Or had she hypnotized him?

There was no doubt about it. What he felt was the shape of two big, perky breasts. How did she do it? Then there was that feeling of hair brushing agaist his arm. Long hair? Had she managed to put a wig on him? No way!!!

"Listen Damien!" she said.

"You seem to have forgotten that I am an IT specialist, working with computers every day. So you have been careful, deleting your browser history file, but it is easy for someone like me to go through your cache files.

"I know where you have been, Damien. Rachel's Haven? Really! Rebecca's World. My oh my! The cool, though, goth boy wants to be a chick. Who could have known I was sharing my bed with a T-girl!

"Well, truth to be told, Damien, I am not much into girls, so I think this relationship is over. But don't cry, Dementia, my gift to you will probably make more than up for it!"

Dementia grabbed her crotch, opened her mouth and started to scream.

This one is for Dementia!

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Witness Protection

Here's a short little slideshow from you, presenting future research from the FBI witness protection program.

It is a variation of a theme I have covered before.

The erotic images are from Totally Redhead and Tranny Surprise.