Mr. Bunny

No Mr. Bunny! It wasn't like that at all.

When I came here I was a a boy. I know I was, because Ihad trousers and stuff. I came because Veronica asked me to.

You like Veronica? So do I! She has nice titties. Much bigger than mine, but she says she can fix that.

No, I say! I was a boy! I was Tim. I was in high school, you know. Played football and everything. You know, with all the big boys.

I didn't like big boys then. Not in that way, you know. Veronica says she will get me a football player for my birthday next week.

I told her that I ain't good at playing football anymore, because this body is kind of weak and stuff, but she said I shouldn't worry. We will play another game she says. Maybe he can play with you and me, Mr. Bunny.

Veronica was angry at Tim, you know. She yelled at him and stuff. Used words my mum says you shouldn't use, you know. And she didn't wash her mouth with soap afterwards either.

She called him a good for nothing male chauffeur pig. I used to know what that means, you know, but now I am not sure. I like pigs. Piglet is a pig isn't he? And then, and then... then she changed me into Tiffany.

I like Tiffany. She is so tiny. Here, feel my skin. Isn't it soft? No, it is not as soft as your fur, I know that, but I have fur down here, and it feels so good when I touch it.

I used to have a thing down there you know, and it felt good when I touched it, but not as good as this. Veronica says that if I touch it too much, I may have an organism and stay a girl forever. Then I could wear skirts and blouses and keep this long, soft, hair forever.

That wouldn't be too bad, would it Mr. Bunny?

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This one is for Red17.


  1. Anonymous1/11/2010

    lovely. who is that model?

  2. TheGreenGoblin1/11/2010


    Still, lovely color tones on the model's makeup/hair ribbon, skillful manipulation of dialogue (I like a good intelligence reduction), and a wonderful sense of his impending doom.

    Still, it's a little too Clockwork Orange for my tastes. You know, juxtaposing childhood innocence with dark magic and all that.

  3. Anonymous2/27/2010

    is this Alexis Capri? Kinda looks like a young version of her. Any chance you could tell us what site this picset came from?

  4. Sorry! Normally I keep track of the models, but not this one I'm afraid.


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