Babylon Academy Episode 4: The Fugitive

In this new exciting episode of Babylon Academy we learn to know what happened to Ronya after her final transformation to an Ershkigal agent.

And we will look into the fate of Jerry, the nasty boy Ronya engaged in a food war in episode 2.

That is not all, however, as we will open with scenes from ancient Babylon, the home of the mysterious Daughters of Ereshkigal.

Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but the goddesses of Inanna/Ishtar and her sister Ereshkigal were two of the most important divinities in the Sumerian and Mesopotamian pantheons.

Inanna represented the the new moon, the full moon and the waning moon. She was the goddess of love and war. Ereshkigal stood for the dark moon and the underworld.

And not only that, one of the epitaphs of Inanna was "the one who changes men into women and women into men". At the temple of Inanna served the assinu or the kurgala, men that had been called to serve as female temple prostitutes and priestesses. Whether the magic they made use of was as powerful as the one I am describing, is another matter.

The images are from the voluptuous Big Tits at School site, which comes highly recommended! If you sign up for that site, you get more than 20 additional Brazzer sites for the same prize. I use them a lot for my photo stories.

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  1. I love these slideshows. I always look forward to them. Nice job with the transformation sequence toward the end. And I love the pics, too. Well done.

  2. Anonymous1/15/2010

    the download links go to episode 3 not 4

  3. that's pretty hot, that girl really has an expression like "woah, I'm a girl, I can't believe I look like this!"

  4. Anonymous1/15/2010

    i love this series! Keep them coming!

  5. Anonymous1/16/2010

    as said before, the pdf links link to episode 3

  6. Sorry about the links. They should now point to the right file.


  7. Anonymous1/16/2010

    Loved this one!!

    Can't wait for the next one...please hurry :)

  8. Anonymous1/20/2010

    wow, good job on this one! hope to see more soon. btw, wuts the name of the girl on the cover? just curious


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