Sissyfication in Second Life

As some of you may know there are places online where you can live out your transgender fantasies, in role playing games or in online virtual worlds like Second Life.

I came over a German electopunk multi performance artist called Ms. Jori Tokyo, who has built a whole virtual emporium in Second Life called Forced Feminization University.

In her blog FFU Broadcasting Jori says that their specialities are "transformations, doll play and sissy training inside Second Life and in all thinkable forms and also a in a wide range."

Truth to be told, I haven't tried out Second Life yet. Hm, maybe I should...

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  1. Anonymous1/26/2010

    I've been occasionally visiting the FFU in second life for a while now, I must say it's right down your alley!

  2. Mmm, I can't wait to check it . . . thanks!

  3. Anonymous1/27/2010

    I'm a big time SL user, and know of FFU. There are lots of places in SL for bdsm and tgirls are everywhere. I have 2 personalities in SL, both are tgirls, one is a total cocksucking slut and the other is in a relationship.I love it in there.

  4. Michelle Caroline Beaumont1/28/2010

    You should definitely consider joining SL, it's much fun, especially if you like transformation stuff.

    I've been at FFU several times, you should also check out the forced feminization comics there.

  5. SL is a lot of fun. I'm not a part of FFU, but I'll check it out!

    Oh yea, and you'll never believe how many guys have tried to "capture" me. lol!


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