Before the final surgery

I haven't made so many stories with pre-ops lately, but here is a short cap.

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Cassia Carvalho from Transex Bareback.


Guest cap: Judge Lambeth and Me

I regular reader -- let us call her Lin -- sent me a caption the other day, wondering if I was interested in publishing it.

Indeed I was!

This is actually more of a story than a cap, but well worth the time, as it has an original twist you rarely see in caps like these. Lin has in many ways developed a new TG fantasy scenario.

The photos are of Lindsay Lohan.

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Zagros' Tale

Here is another magical tale from Japan.

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Mai Katimura from Erotic Japan

Rebecca Remixed 1

Have Faith!
Here is a look at some of my older TG transformation captions, with additional photos and some extra material.

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Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

Over at Rachel' Haven Zet reports that he/she is  making a TG themed visual novel or game called Gender Bender DNA, and is  funding it via the crowdfunding site indiegogo.

The story is about  six men who are transformed into women after having been caught i a lab explosion.

Zet says:

"I was actually inspired to create TG games after I read a bunch of captions on http://theothersideofyoursoul@blogspot.com/, and I started by essentially making caption games using pre drawn images. 

"However, it's extremely limiting to work with captions when you're trying to tell a long story, and the images steer your story into places you'd rather not go, and you have to think up convoluted excuses for scene changes. It's doable and I've seen some fantastic ones, but I wanted to make something original. But commissioning hundreds of images for a game isn't cheap, so that's where the campaign idea came from.

"If you don't want to donate, it would be awesome if you could just share it with people who might be interested. The game is going to be free anyway. I want as many people as possible to play this game."

I have not tested what's there of the game yet, put I thought any such adventure deserves some attention. The game/illustrated novel will be completed when funded.

You can read more about it here!


The Movie Theatre

Bridgette B from Brazzers
I must admit I wonder sometimes. I start out with some relatively normal photo shoots from Brazzers or Reality Kings and end up with some really bizarre stories that have absolutely nothing to do with the plots of the original movies.

I had two shoots from Brazzers set in a porn theater, and I turned the locale into a place for family entertainment.

No, this story is not to be taken seriously.  And no, it is not family enterainment.

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The photos of Bridgette B are from Brazzers.com.

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Homeland Security

Becca from RK.com
When they found that alien transformation device hidden in a cave in Antarctica, the US Homeland Security was elated.

Firstly there were no aliens there. Given that everyone had seen The Thing, that came as a relief.

(Later on, some in the department started to worry about the alien having transformed itself into a human being, but that is another story).

Anyway, I digress. Secondly: It made it possible for human beings to shapeshift, a very useful ability to have in the intelligence business.

It turned out only a few people were able to use the machine, which added an additional burden to the agents that were trained to use it.

Ah, who am I kidding? You know where this is heading!

The main model is Becca Diamond from RealityKings.com. Meet also models Lia and Sabrina from the same exquisit site!

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The Sex Change Experiment Camp

Paige Turnah and Holly Kiss discussing the practicalities of
forced sex change operations.
Tranisa has launched one of its most ambitious transgender/crossdresser movies yet: The Sexchange Experiment Camp.

When Eddie enters the sex club he is blissfully unaware that the club is only a front, a front for an organization that thrives on turning men into women.

The sexy women in the club are in no way there to serve him submissively. They are in fact the masters of this scene, skillful doctors and business people knowing exactly what it takes to turn a fool of a man into a beautiful woman.

Yes, this is a movie that first and foremost caters to crossdressers, but the surgery brings the whole story up to another level.

Like most Tranisa videos, this is soft core entertainment. Their stories aim at setting the stage for further fantasies. But I like it, and most of all do I like the wonderful British humor that permeates the whole 30 minutes.

"What do you say. How far out into the alphabet should we go this time?"
The "regular" Tranisa lead, Holly Kiss, is  a very good actor, and Lara Latex' and Sapphire Blue's practical approach to the sex change processes is very amusing.

Tranisa has also managed to get
British porn star Paige Turnah (you gotta love that name!) on board. She does an excellent job, if you ask me, playing ball with the other female actors in a breathtaking (improvised?) dialogue.

(I published a story with photos of Paige last year. She is indeed a beautiful woman!).

Poor Eddie. There isn't really much for him to say now, is there?

The film carries the reasonable price of  US$ 17.50.

New Tranisa release. Sexchange Experiment Camp. Here is the promo trailer. 

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