The Sex Change Experiment Camp

Paige Turnah and Holly Kiss discussing the practicalities of
forced sex change operations.
Tranisa has launched one of its most ambitious transgender/crossdresser movies yet: The Sexchange Experiment Camp.

When Eddie enters the sex club he is blissfully unaware that the club is only a front, a front for an organization that thrives on turning men into women.

The sexy women in the club are in no way there to serve him submissively. They are in fact the masters of this scene, skillful doctors and business people knowing exactly what it takes to turn a fool of a man into a beautiful woman.

Yes, this is a movie that first and foremost caters to crossdressers, but the surgery brings the whole story up to another level.

Like most Tranisa videos, this is soft core entertainment. Their stories aim at setting the stage for further fantasies. But I like it, and most of all do I like the wonderful British humor that permeates the whole 30 minutes.

"What do you say. How far out into the alphabet should we go this time?"
The "regular" Tranisa lead, Holly Kiss, is  a very good actor, and Lara Latex' and Sapphire Blue's practical approach to the sex change processes is very amusing.

Tranisa has also managed to get
British porn star Paige Turnah (you gotta love that name!) on board. She does an excellent job, if you ask me, playing ball with the other female actors in a breathtaking (improvised?) dialogue.

(I published a story with photos of Paige last year. She is indeed a beautiful woman!).

Poor Eddie. There isn't really much for him to say now, is there?

The film carries the reasonable price of  US$ 17.50.

New Tranisa release. Sexchange Experiment Camp. Here is the promo trailer. 

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  1. Hmm, while the "pleasure" for which this establishment conducts its sex-changes is obviously that of women, and thus a winning impetus for transitioning, the subjects to whom their methods are applied apparently consist of an unwilling or unawares segment of the population. Beyond that, I find it both saddening and disheartening that the realization of a womanly form represents a punitive exercise on those selected by the secret sorority running the operation.

    I'm just sayin'... it seems like the lucky pricks getting to become ladies in the service of women who would have them transformed are those who neither desire nor appreciate the gifts being thrust upon and into them!

    I know that it is a wise strategy to aim at removing the strongest among an opposing faction toward demoralizing those who remain, but damn-it!

    :) just playing some... or not...


  2. Anonymous2/03/2013

    Could you do another slide show with Paige turnah pics? It would mean a lot. Thanks!

  3. @w8z2x4m

    Ah! Who said life was fair. Alas.......


    More Paige. Hm. That should be possible. Let me see if I can find some good photo shoots.

  4. Anonymous2/04/2013

    i wish this place was real like all of your amazing stories

  5. Anonymous2/05/2013

    Lol the intro is utilizing the similar intro to the movie Dune

  6. Anonymous5/03/2014

    I would so love this do to me


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