Guest cap: Judge Lambeth and Me

I regular reader -- let us call her Lin -- sent me a caption the other day, wondering if I was interested in publishing it.

Indeed I was!

This is actually more of a story than a cap, but well worth the time, as it has an original twist you rarely see in caps like these. Lin has in many ways developed a new TG fantasy scenario.

The photos are of Lindsay Lohan.

Click on caption below to read the story!
Click on image to read!


  1. Anonymous2/18/2013

    Awesome cap. I would love to see more from her.

  2. Here is hoping Lin continues her adventures in captioning, or in this case, composing a TG-Fiction Story-With-Images!!

    While I would expect that she'll be checking-in here, Rebecca, please share with her that this piece is quite a good start and contribution to the genre! (and i would agree that helping 'correct the behaviour' of this unruly young woman from the inside would be a task that i would volunteer for in a flash!)



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