Brian Reborn

"Stop! Stop! That is perfect. Yeah, that is the perfect Audrey Hepburn kind of oval face  I was looking for!"

You could see  Mrs. Anderson was excited. She could hardly stand still, and she was constantly fidgeting with her expensive Louis Vuitton handbag.

Mrs. Anderson was the kind of woman who got the latest handbags before they were released to the shops, and she was very proud of that.

"Oh, I am so excited!  I am finally going to get the pretty daughter that I have always dreamed of."

The nanomage smiled at her, as if indicating sympathy and understanding. She was good at that, even when she faced the most outrageous customers.

"I guess that means that we are ready, Mrs. Anderson. Do you want me to wake Brian up from his trance now?"

"No, wait a minute and let me savor the moment. And don't call her Brian! That is such an ugly name. We named my son after the father of my treacherous husband, you know. He was a bastard, that one. But no worries. Since I divorced Frank last summer, I have been able to do anything I want to... But he did not approve, you know."

"Your husband?"

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"Yes. He said that boys will be boys, and that Brian would grow out of it. But seriously, I could not take it anymore. All those filthy gym clothes, those stupid computer games and all that yelling and sulking. I mean, he didn't even want the pony I gave him for his 16th birthday. I couldn't take it anymore. You understand, right?"

"OK, Mrs. Anderson, you will have to understand that even if we have reengineered his DNA and bone structure, Brian..."


"OK, Brenda will still have the same memories and the same personality profile. Admittedly, hormones and the response he gets from his social surroundings may adjust her behavior, but she will still be a teenager."

"Oh, do not worry about that, doctor. Now that she has seen what I can do to her, she will never dare to oppose me again. You can wake her up now, please."

"OK, Mrs. Anderson. I will just ready the sedatives. You know, just in case."
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Boy or Girl

See video of Stavey Rae over at Babes.com
- She is no fun, is she?

- Nah, she will come around... Hey, Christy!  Look at us! Look at your sisters and smile a little!

- That didn't work now, did it? Christy, you have to stop insisting on us calling you Christian, OK? You are not Christian anymore. Can't you get it into your head that you lost the contest?

- Yeah, Christy, you have to face up to the facts. You are a girl now, and a sweet and sexy one at that!

- Hmph. We did warn him, didn't we.? 'Do not take part in a reality TV show where the boys voted out risk being turned into girls!' we told him. But did he listen? Noooo!

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- You didn't really believe they had the bionanotech needed to do it, did you Christy? You thought all the transformation you saw on "Boy or Girl" was fake.

- God, what a loser!

- I wouldn't say that!.... Chris, listen up! Both Greg, Dan, Mike and Charles say hello. They all want to ask you out on a date, even if you have been a boy. They think you are hot, Christy.

- What??? Dan wants to ask Chris out? That bastard! I am going to kill him!

- Come on sis!  You knew that was bound to happen. Get real! You have an A cup. God knows how far out in the alphabet Christy is.

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- That was a smile!  I saw it! Didn't you?

- Oh yes, that was definitely a smile.

Click here for more images from this photos shoot of Stacey Rae!


Directory Update: A Ton of New TG Caption Sites

From Head Roulette. Click to enlarge!
I have  done some serious research, tracking down all the TG caption blogs missing from my directory.

There is a lot of creativity out there and our TG Fiction community is growing stronger every day.
From Jennie Makepeace.

Here's the thing: I have not found them all.

If you have a blog I have not listed, add a comment to this post.

I have taken the liberty of borrowing a few caps to show you some of the beauty of TG capping!

Click here to visit the TG Caption category of my directory!

From Melisa's Mind. Click to read!
From Naughty Bunny


Guest Cap: DVD

Here is an elegant cap Jezebel made for me over at Rachel's Haven.
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Rebecca Remixed 7

Have Faith!

Here is a look at some of my older TG transformation captions, with additional photos and some extra material.

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Download PDF here or here!


Tranny Asylum

New TG movie from Tranisa!
My friends over at Tranisa have put out a new crossdressing/feminization movie called Tranny Asylum. 

This may be exactly the kind of entertainment you need this weekend.

Julian has been admitted to the asylum and has come under the care of Dr. Blanchard.

Blanchard has hired a new, young, female doctor who is to assist her in helping the male patients overcome their emotional insecurity (and -- it seems -- any other condition that comes along).

For Dr. Blanchard feminization is the answer to any problem.

The new doctor is very excited to work with the new treatments and can't wait to start her new role.

The movie is staring adult film stars Lara Latex and Chessie Kay, as well as the unfortunate victim of their therapy,  Julian Rhodes.


The Island

Kristina Milan from Scoreland
He was not lost at sea. He new exactly where he was. It was the island that was lost. It was not supposed to be there!  Really!

When he came ashore he found the most amazing temple -- again a temple that ought not to be there.

And when he met the first, voluptuous, goddess of a woman, he knew he was not in California anymore.

And gradually he came to understand that this was a place of great danger.

This is a photo comic for the breast enthusiasts among you, and those who love the motherly aspects of womanhood.

You can download the full resolution PDF here or here!

If you are using a tablet you will find it easier to read the story over at Slideshare.

Click on the four arrow symbol below to go full screen!

The photos are taken from the British big tit site Scoreland.


The Last Piece Standing

MakoDap, a very creative TG movie creator, has published the full version of The Last Piece Standing online.

This was one of the first movies from Mako Pictures, finished in 2005.

Ok, so this is not the erotic kind of movie I am normally presenting here. It is a true horror story, but I guess some of you will find the male to female transformation theme more than interesting.

For more by Mako, see the YouTube channel.


A New Beginning

"Oh, Rachel! He is so sweet! Look at that fine, silky hair, and those adorably pouty lips! Who did him?"

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"Morgana May; she really is the best at shapeshifting, you know. A bit expensive, I admit, but you have to pay to get quality."

"Did James ask for this?"

"Oh no! He was born a muggle. I don't think he could come up with an idea like this."

"So why did you do it?"

"Oh, I don't know. There was Chrissy, Andrea, Naomi, Bambi...."

"His secretaries?"

"Oh yeah, he banged them too."

"So what happens now?"

"Oh, I will drop him off somewhere in the non-magic dimension and let him fend for himself, or -- rather -- herself. She knows touch typing, I believe. Maybe s
he can become a secretary somewhere. Morgana dumbded her down a bit. She won't be good for a job as a CEO, anymore."

"They will be all over her, you know."

"Oh, I know. That was the plan all along."


The Green Field

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It was not that she had not warned him or anything. "Remember that it is a field of magic," Renate had told him. I mean, who says that kind of thing, anyway. Was she some kind of New Age chick or what?

Erik liked her island, though. And the field of flowers. It was nice of Andrew to ask her if he could tag along this weekend. Andrew was her brother, and not in any way like her. He was the "I can fix any kind of engine" kind of guy.

Ok, so she had said that he should be very careful if he found a four leaf clover. She has told him that unlike regular four leaf clovers, the clovers in this field granted all wishes: "So you better make sure you know what you wish for!"

So he went out into the field; felt the sun warm his body, and watched butterflys flutter by in the way butterflys fly by in Disney cartoons. And it felt right, you know, to lay down on  the grass, and let the field embrace him.

There it was, the four leaf clover. He hadn't really wished for this, had he? But when he felt his chest swell, his hips widen and his crotch flatten out, it felt as if it was something he could have asked for. So maybe he had.

He did not know how he would explain this to Renate, though. Or maybe she would understand. She seemed to be that kind of gal.


Are you ready for your breast implants?

Tranisa has hired adult film actress Chessie Kay for a series of new POV (point of view) feminization videos.
Click on cap to enlarge!  From youwilldress.com

I am constantly amazed how easily these British actresses fall into the roles of dominant women, determined to help men into a better place in life.

Again, these movies are setting the scene for crossdreaming fantasies where you play the main role. They are published under the You WIll Dress label.

I have included a few captions made by Cheryl of Tranisa, which may give
Click on cap to enlarge!
you an idea where they are going with all of this. The model is indeed Chessie Kay.

These are the new movies:

Click on cap to enlarge! From youwilldress.com
1. You are suffering from testicular feminization, and there is -- unfortunately -- no cure but total feminization.

2. Your girlfriend has had enough of your sissy dressing and feminine ways and sends you to the local beauty salon instructing Chessie the beautician to feminize you.

3. Your girlfriend Chessie is very angry after finding a your secret stash of girls clothes and decides to punish you by letting you become the woman you are inside....... permanently.

4. Nurse Chessie is preparing you for a breast implant operation

Click here for more information!

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