Brian Reborn

"Stop! Stop! That is perfect. Yeah, that is the perfect Audrey Hepburn kind of oval face  I was looking for!"

You could see  Mrs. Anderson was excited. She could hardly stand still, and she was constantly fidgeting with her expensive Louis Vuitton handbag.

Mrs. Anderson was the kind of woman who got the latest handbags before they were released to the shops, and she was very proud of that.

"Oh, I am so excited!  I am finally going to get the pretty daughter that I have always dreamed of."

The nanomage smiled at her, as if indicating sympathy and understanding. She was good at that, even when she faced the most outrageous customers.

"I guess that means that we are ready, Mrs. Anderson. Do you want me to wake Brian up from his trance now?"

"No, wait a minute and let me savor the moment. And don't call her Brian! That is such an ugly name. We named my son after the father of my treacherous husband, you know. He was a bastard, that one. But no worries. Since I divorced Frank last summer, I have been able to do anything I want to... But he did not approve, you know."

"Your husband?"

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"Yes. He said that boys will be boys, and that Brian would grow out of it. But seriously, I could not take it anymore. All those filthy gym clothes, those stupid computer games and all that yelling and sulking. I mean, he didn't even want the pony I gave him for his 16th birthday. I couldn't take it anymore. You understand, right?"

"OK, Mrs. Anderson, you will have to understand that even if we have reengineered his DNA and bone structure, Brian..."


"OK, Brenda will still have the same memories and the same personality profile. Admittedly, hormones and the response he gets from his social surroundings may adjust her behavior, but she will still be a teenager."

"Oh, do not worry about that, doctor. Now that she has seen what I can do to her, she will never dare to oppose me again. You can wake her up now, please."

"OK, Mrs. Anderson. I will just ready the sedatives. You know, just in case."
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  1. Anonymous9/23/2013

    Cool Cap ! Like a visit to a toy shop where you can but anything you want. However his mother wants a daughter and that's exactly what she'll have. A "Nano-Mage " sounds like someone who uses nano-tech and magic to reform flesh and minds to new forms. Brrr, should give Brenda a icy chill up her spine! What's next? Love to see more of Brenda's tale. Please ?

  2. More of Brenda's tale? Let me look into it!


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