Sweetified, new male to female transformation comic from Morgana

Fem Fluxx and Morgana has published a new erotic and explicit photo comic about three friends being transformed into sexy female college students.

Their bargain with the dark side did not play out the way they expected, to put it that way.

There is magic. There is submission. There is sex.

You know the drill.

Click here to read or download "Sweetified, Selling Your Soul" for free!

Photo of Rachel James from Blackened.com.


The XXRevival: Big three story forced feminization comic from Fem Fluxx

Fem Fluxx has published a new story by The Foxx. 

The comic does in fact contain three stories about men being drafted for a state program aimed at giving the country more women, as a plague has killed off so many of them.

This is a science driven comic. It is about clones and mind transfers, not magic. The end result is, as often is the case in such stories, confused men trying to adapt to a life with tits.

Click here to read or download the comic. It is free!


Cindy XIn

 Here's another old school TG caption for you!

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WOMAN, a new erotic photo comic from Fem Fluxx

Fem Fluxx has published a new erotic photo comic for you. 

The story itself may not be original (man gets hold of magic and turns himself into a woman), but the imagery is wonderful! Veronica Vain is soooo sexy!


The lake at the end of the lane

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New Forced Feminization Photo Comic by Morgana

Fem Fluxx has published a new erotic male to female transformation photo comic over at Fem Fluxx. This is a forced feminization story with strong bimbo vibes.

It is free for you to read and download, as always,


Meet the Magician and His Victims, a New MTF Transformation Photo Comic

An eager young agent of the Vatican discovers a magician that performs tricks that seem to defy the laws of nature.

He decides to go and investigate.

Fem Fluxx has published a new male to female TG transformation comic by Morgana.

You can download i"A Kind of Magic" over at their site for free.


The Vlogger, a new male to female feminization comic from Fem Fluxx

The Foxx has made a new free feminization photo comic, which you can now download from FemFluxx.

This is the story about a anti-porn video-blogger and activist that one day finds that he needs the help of a company producing porn. They have access to a technology that can change his life forever.

Click here to read or download the TG photo comic!


Novagirl's bimbo feed

Felix Conrad runs Novagirl.net, a unique site covering everything from philosophical analyses of crossdreaming to pictures of beautiful women.

It is all about the dream about becoming a very sexy woman.

Novagirl is now featuring a new series called The Bimbofication Feed: Daily photos of silicone chic, which may interest some of you.


You can find a lot of MTF erotic imagery over at Xdreams

The Xdreams Discord server for MTF transformation and feminization images is alive and kicking. Here are some of the many photos that have been shared lately.

Click here for an invite to this Discord server/chat room.


MTF transformations by Cluedog

Illustration by cluedog
Cluedog is a great artist you will find over at Deviantart. Some of his drawings are explicitly about male to female transformations. Others give you that vibe.

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