Aphrodite Body Rentals

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"Get a new body for the summer holiday," the ad read. "Aphrodite Body Rentals takes the hassle out of body swaps."  The ad was clearly targeting women, but Roger thought he should try anyway.  The company representative was very understanding.


Knocked up

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When Andy got his maid, Anna,  pregnant, he didn't think so much about. He could pay for the abortion, he said, or she could leave and have the child somewhere else.

However, when the bulge started to show, she started to decorate the house with weird plants and she painted strange symbols of the walls. Andy was tired and decided to wait till the next day before he throwing her out. The next day he woke up in her body, in her flat at the other side of town.

No one believed him when he told them, and Anna played the role of Andy to perfection. She had, after all, studied him for two years. She sent him some money, though, telling him that she would not let the kid starve.


The Bath

 She had gotten the oil from one of her contacts down in New Orleans. It has a sweet, feminine, scent, so it had been a bit hard to get him to bathe in it. But he had succumbed in the end.

It had been a great pleasure watching his ass grown, his tits bulging out, his cock shrink into a hard clitoris. He still hadn't grasped that this was real, and that is male self was, for all practical purposes gone forever.

She would take over the company, and he would become her sexy secretary.


Body Swap, an erotic male/female body switch comic


Adam and Eve swap bodies. 

The details are not important here (although it has something to do with confused alien scientists and their attempt at understanding the concept of gender.) What is important is how the two of them manages to adapt to their new lives.

Xing Xing has a new erotic photo comic over at Fem Fluxx called Body Swap. It is free and you can download it right now. 

Go to Fem Fluxx to get Body Swap, an erotic gender bender comic.


New feminization photo comic from Fem Fluxx: The Island

Fem Fluxx has published a new erotic feminization photo comic by Morgana called The Island.

A man is invited by a billionaire to a secret private island, all expenses paid. But what is really happening on that island and what is he supposed to do?

You can read and download the comic for free over at Fem Fluxx.


Feminization Rock

 The new earpods his wife had given him for his birthday had a kind of extreme surround sound that caused a reality distortion quantum breakdown in his body, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

It was his wife that had selected the playlist, and he was starting to wonder if the inclusion of "Feminization Rock" by the Pink Witches was a deliberate move on her side.