New transgender erotic photo comics from Fem Fluxx

Fem Fluxx has posted a new erotic transgender photo comic collection from the Shimmering universe.

The Shimmering is a strange light phenomena that transforms men into women and women into men. It has no natural explanation, but the effect is very real to the ones concerned.

The new edition contains no less than three separate short stories.

Click here to read or download TG Tales from the Shimmering.


The Shimmering may get you anytime, anywhere

Fem Fluxx is back with a new erotic MTF transformation photo comic, this one made by Morgana.

More and more people are caught in the shimmering, an unnatural phenomena that transforms people in ways previously thought impossible.

John, a member of a male dominated criminal organization,  is one of the guys caught in the Shimmering.

Read or download  the new MTF transformation comic from Fem Fluxx here!