Feminized.org will be back

Fem Fluxx and Feminized.org are suffering from a Corona induced production lag. 

We will be back later this spring.

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Sweetified, new male to female transformation comic from Morgana

Fem Fluxx and Morgana has published a new erotic and explicit photo comic about three friends being transformed into sexy female college students.

Their bargain with the dark side did not play out the way they expected, to put it that way.

There is magic. There is submission. There is sex.

You know the drill.

Click here to read or download "Sweetified, Selling Your Soul" for free!

Photo of Rachel James from Blackened.com.


The XXRevival: Big three story forced feminization comic from Fem Fluxx

Fem Fluxx has published a new story by The Foxx. 

The comic does in fact contain three stories about men being drafted for a state program aimed at giving the country more women, as a plague has killed off so many of them.

This is a science driven comic. It is about clones and mind transfers, not magic. The end result is, as often is the case in such stories, confused men trying to adapt to a life with tits.

Click here to read or download the comic. It is free!


Cindy XIn

 Here's another old school TG caption for you!

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