Summer job

The room was big with large windows that filled it with warm summer sunlight. Five girls sat on the old fashioned beds, waiting.

No one said a word. They just looked at each other in silence. One of them studied her fingernails, slightly dazed. Another touched her hair, bewildered, as if that could help her solve a strange puzzle.

Ivana looked down at her long sexy legs. "This is so strange," she said to herself. "I cannot remember these legs. I have never painted my toenails before, have I?"

Samantha drew her breath in an attempt to focus.

"Summer camp," she said to herself. "I believe we arrived here yesterday for summer camp." But her mind was full of images of unruly boys hollering on the bus, not of these beautiful women. She smiled to herself: "I must have dreamt it. Me being a boy, that's ridiculous!"

"What are we waiting for?" Isabelle asked herself. "We are waiting for something or someone! But whom?"

Downstairs the Priestess of Ereshkigal welcomed the first customers of the day:

"Gentlemen," she said. "The girls are waiting for you upstairs. Just make your pick from the book over there, and I will bring her to your room..."

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This is my entry at the Rachel's Haven's July cap contest.


Such a sweet little girl - a tale of sissyhood

- Oh, Magda, Peter has come around so well. Look at him, sucking Fred's dick like that! Is he humming? Is that a song?

- Yes, it is. It is the song we used to camouflage his hypnotic suggestions. Sometimes he wakes up at night and comes over to my room to ask for Fred. He likes it so much.

- And he is so sweet. That's adorable skirt! And where did you find that blouse?

- Over at H&M, Eliza, they have such beautiful things at reasonable prizes.

But I have started taking Peter with me shopping, now, letting him look for clothes himself.

He hasn't completely gotten the hang of it yet, and I have to stop him from going over to the games shop, but in general he is well behaved.

-I see that, and I am so impressed. You know, I am having a much harder time with my son.

Eric tries to spit out his hormone pills and he won't let me massage his chest with hormone cream.

I had to burn all his old clothes to get him to wear the sweet dresses I have bought him. It is a shame! I honestly don't know what to do about it...

- You have to be strict, dear. Punish him every time he spits the pills out. I use an electric rod for that.

I don't have to use it much these days, though. All I have to do is to show it to him, and he immediately does what I say.

Actually, I have come to rely more on rewards, lately. I give him the big carrot not the small stick (he he!).

Peter gets his biggest dildo every time he takes his pills. And for major events, like surgery, I bring Fred over and let Peter suck dick as much as he likes.

- He has such magnificent tits. How did you manage to make them so big?

- Well, you know, his body is genetically programmed for tits, all boys' are, and he has inherited his ample bosom from me.

I had Dr. Finckle help them along though. He is such a gentleman, Dr. Finckle.

- Oh, yes, he is. He helped me with my face lift last year, dear, and I want him to give Eric his vagina. How is Peter taking the loss of his penis?

- Well, his dick wasn't much to speak of from the beginning, Liz. He has that from his father's side, I am afraid.

So I told him that Dr. Finckle would help him perfect his clitoris and open up his pussy. He seems to believe it. In any case, he seems to enjoy being filled up in that hole as well.

- Which is as it should be.
- Amen to that.

I don't know what we mothers should have done without modern medicine, dear.

I mean, there is so much pain in the world, and it is all caused by male testosterone.

- Peter is lucky to have you as a mother, Madge. There are so many mothers out there that let their sons run wild.

- Oh, yes, isn't that a shame! But I must say, though -- you know, just between you and me -- that sometimes it is good to have a well equipped man between your legs!

- Of course, Magda, but not as member of the family!

- Speaking of family! I have some new pictures of Peter from his birthday party. There is one this funny one where Fred is tit-fucking him that you just have to see. Peter looks so happy in that picture.

I'll get some tea...

Images from Brazzers.com

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Guest Cap: Fitting the Crime

Hee's a great cap series from Simone for you to enjoy.

The Watcher's Council is, as you can see, not amused at what's going on at this site.

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Something's Jumping in Your Shirt

Here's a photo collage of beautiful girls for you, with music and everything. 

I like to think of it as a kind of "The Girls of Xandra" collection. Who knows, maybe I'll make more of them. 

It's not hard core, in case you are wondering.

The music is by Malcolm McLaren and Lisa Marie. The original video for Something's Jumpin' in Your Shirt can be found below.

You may know Lisa Marie Smith from some of Tim Burton's movies, but she did actually sing on the McLaren album Waltz Darling from 1989. 

Waltz Darling was a wonderfully crazy attempt to adapt the Austrian Waltzes of Strauss to advanced modern pop.

I had a hard time finding a photo of her (in case the  extra video I have included at the end of this post isn't enough for you), but the one to the right is definitely of her. 

She was a beauty, wasn't she?

The lyrics

Lisa-Marie you're a beautiful girl
Do you really think so?
True perfection. But can I  do it?
Take it to the ball and on that runway
Walk the body
And remember, shoot that arrow!

I know this feeling
Oh it's hurting, just because love is growing
Oh ah ah, please don't stop
It must be love

No matter what I do, no matter what I say
My t-shirt's changed since yesterday
I look into the mirror and my t-shirt's got a mark
I guess it's just because my life is falling apart
But I felt something hurting
And a boy said,

There's somethin jumpin!
Jumpin in my shirt
Something's jumpin, jumpin in your shirt
Something's jumpin, does it really hurt?
Something's jumpin, my hearts on red alert

Walk the body! Walk the body!
Lisa Lisa, Lisa Lisa

Something's jumpin, it must be love
Something's jumpin! Jumpin in your shirt
The pain it really hurts
Something's jumpin, it must be love
Something's jumpin! Jumpin in your shirt
The pain it really hurts

No matter what I do
No matter what I say
The boys see me in a whole new way
It's different now, they're all love bound
But I don't like love,
I kick it around, I kick it around
But I felt something hurting

I know this feeling
Oh it's hurting, just because love is growing
Oh ah ah, please don't stop
It must be love
I've got courage and I feel brave
If those boys try to hurt me
I'll end their happy day


The Womanizer

- Are you coming? The movie starts in 30 minutes! Adam was impatient.

- Just one sec!

Samuel looked mesmerized at the beautiful girl across the street.

- Damn! She is hot! No, she is more than hot. She is divine. Heavenly. Out of this world. She is the perfect woman! Do you know her?

- You don't wanna go there!

- Why not!

- That is the womanizer!

- She is a lesbian?

- No, she was cursed when she visited China last year. Every man she sleeps with is transformed into a woman!

- Naw, nonsense!

- You know Debbie, the new girl you discovered last month?

- Yeah?

- That was Dan.

- No, come on! I slept with her. That was def a woman. A gorgeous woman.

- No doubt. But she used to be Dan before that witch over there lured him into bed. As soon as she has slept with 12 boys, the curse will be lifted. Rumor has it, she has only one to go. Listen, we have to go now if we are to get good seats!

- Sorry mate, I suddenly remembered I have promised my dad to move the lawn.

- Ahhhh, man! Shit! All right. Off you go!

- Sorry, dude! See yah!

A few steps down the streets Adam turned and looked back at Samuel.

- Hey, Samuel, that's not the way back to your house!

- Gotta run, Adam, gotta run!

This one's for Sam over at RH.

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Fran & Friends, an erotic TG comic

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Transgender feminization hypnosis -- for real!

Can a man be changed into a girl through hypnosis?

This may sound as a silly question, as the obvious answer will be no. All the "curses" out there promising to change bodies into the opposite sex are just wishful fantasies.

But from all the reports I receive the answer is also yes. And the key word is actually "fantasies".

Most of my readers are men and boys fantasizing about becoming girls . Given your already very active imagination, hypnosis may help you make those fantasies feel much more real.

You will not grow tits without hormones, but it may feel like they are there.

Moreover, Transexuals in transition use hypnotic tapes to further develop feminine feelings and mannerisms. Others, not planning to take that final step, use them to explore their own feminine side.

Lady Alexia tells me she has a lot of good reports regarding Mistress Ashna, one of the hypnotists providing such services online. And if Alexia says she is good, she must be.

Ashna will make you a tailor made audio file for you based on your greatest transformation fantasy. I addition she may guide you through that fantasy by IM and email.

She also has a Yahoo! Group.

There are actually a lot of sites online delivering TG hypnosis MP3 files. Warp My Mind does, for instance, deliver a large number of ready made fantasy files, free or for a fee.

Here are some other sources I tracked down on the web. The links are for your information only. I have not tested their services.If you provide services of this kind, feel free to add your URL in a comment. I also very much welcome comments from readers who tried feminization hypnosis.


Quick Cap: Disappointment

Just a little TG quicky for you!

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It's confusing these days -- on being transgendered in a digital world

A small time-out from the erotica, dear reader. If you are looking for steaming sex, skip over to the next post!

I found an article that might be of interest to you in the Norwegian magazine Hubro.

Assistant Professor Norman Anderssen at the University of Bergen in Norway argues that there are a large number of sexualities in a country where homosexuality is becoming something normal.

Still, Norwegians still find it hard to relate to transexuality.

Researcher Hilde Danielsen argues that "Heterosexuality is the norm for public policy, and the norm other forms of sexuality is measured up against."

"At the same time there is a struggle to be sufficiently 'heteronormal', that is of fitting within the changing borders of what is considered suitable heterosexuality."

Much research on sexuality is now based on the gender theories of Judith Butler.

She argues that there is no "being", just "doing". She argues that we do not have some mysterious inner core or essence that is waiting to become real, neither as a man nor a woman.

The consequence of this is that sexual identity and lust does not automatically follow from your sex. If you are a woman, and are dressing and behaving "masculinely", you may still be attracted to men.

There is no automatic correlation between your sex at birth and the way you "create" your gender, Hilde Danielsen says. In other words: Gender (as opposed to biological sex) is a social construct.

The researcher Marie Vaula Rasmussen argues that there is an increasing awareness of the heterogeneity of human life, and more tolerance among people. She points to the Argentinian movie XXY, about the hermaphrodite teenager Alex. Such a movie would not have become popular a few years ago, she argues.

Nevertheless, another Norwegian researcher, Fredrik Langeland, argues that there also are conservative trends. The masculine "closed" ideal is becoming more popular, according to him.

I have come to believe that the traditional dichotomy of the genders not only is a social construct (although one strongly influenced by biology), it is also a historical construct.

Our view of sex and gender is partly shaped by modern science, which is reductionist in nature. It loves to categorize phenomena in mutually excluding categories.

The ultimate example of this is computer science. Everything is reduced to a string of 1's (the phallic male number) and 0's (the vagina of the female). This fits well with a heterosexual agenda: Correct sex is 1 enters 0 (1+0).

The gay movement has adopted it. Now correct sex is 1+0, as well as 1+1 and 0+0.

And yes, even some transexuals embrace this model. A M2F transexual is, according to this view, a 0 trapped in a 1 body.

I am not blaming them. This is the language that gives results; in this case a sex change operation.

This way of thinking also fits well with fundamentalist religious thinking, especially in religions like Islam, Zoroastrianism and Judaism, but also in many strands of Christianity and Hinduism, where the idea of purity and righteous behavior is coupled with legalistic systems sorting the world into do's and don't's.

But what if there are no zeros and ones, but a large number of dimensions?

Maybe I am 0.89 on the active-aggressive/passive-submissive scale, 0.67 on the extrovert/introvert scale, 0.12 on the "I love cushions"/"Can't seem to notice green plants" scale and so on.

In my fantasies I may love women as a man, and desire men as a woman.

The interesting things is, that it was easier to explain such phenomena in the pre-modern world.

In the Renaissance human psychology was seen as the end result of a large number of fluid factors, like the mixture of the four elements (masculine fire and air, and feminine water and earth, corresponding to the bodily fluids yellow bile, phlegm, black bile and blood), astral influences from the masculine and feminine star signs of the zodiac and so on.

I am not saying that astrology makes sense anymore (it does not to me), but the basic understanding of the analog -- as opposed to digital -- nature of man appeals to me.

Moreover, the old view accepted both that both biological and spiritual phenomena took part in the mix that constitutes a human being. Today I guess we could say that a person's gender identity and sexual drives could be caused by both genes and upbringing.

By all means, add a comment if you have any opinion in these matters! The fact that you are reading my blog means that you must have struggled with your identity one time or the other.

And yes, the headline is from the David Bowie/Pet Shop Boys' song Spaceboy:


Comixxxs.com, new TG comics site

TG fiction is one of the areas where most site owners welcome competition. After all, we like to read good trangender stories as much as writing them.

Here is a brand new one for you: Comixxxs.com.

The unnamed author tells us that s/he has been a TG lurker for some time, but has now decided to contribute with new comics, or -- in fact -- comics in the form of fumetti or photo stories.

The blog itself looks like a pretty bland blog with few images and no stories, and it took a while before I realized that all the good stuff was hidden away behind the Gallery link.

The image to the right is from the Spygames story, a very well executed story, mixing images from different sources in a seamless way.

And yes, the three x'es in Comixxxs are there for a reason.


A transgender experiment gone wrong

- OK, Sylvia, fill me in! How is the experiment going? How is he doing?

- Well, the operation went well, Betty, I am glad to say. He now has a fully functional vagina. The testicles have pulled up into is body and are slowly changing into ovaries as we speak.

The nanobots are very efficient. We expect him to be a fertile woman by the end of the month.

- That's good. That is very good! Still, I can hear a slight hesitation in your voice. Are there any difficulties?

- You can see for yourself. You ordered a E cup, but I am afraid we have had difficulties in stopping his breasts from growing. I think we have the situation under control now, but he will be getting severe back pains when time goes on.

- All right, I admit he looks pretty ridiculous. Can't be helped! The idea was to turn him into an archetypal woman, not some slim, athletic, flat-chested girl. And with tits like that, I am sure he will be able to breastfeed triplets, without any difficulty.

- Yes, but we are having second thoughts about the motherhood program...

- No! That was the whole point! He has been traveling from coast to coast telling the world that women should stay out of politics and the work force. He said their natural state made them fit for child rearing only.

We wanted him to experience that life first hand! We need him to become a missionary for our cause, and for that to happen he needs to become an old-fashioned oppressed mother!

- I know, but his mental capacity is slightly reduced, and we are not sure he will be able to take care of children.

- What do you mean?

- During the last three weeks he has gradually lost most of his cognitive capabilities and he has now a vocabulary of merely 500 words. The words he use most are "suck" and "fuck", and we do not think those are suitable for proper parenthood.

- "Suck" and "fuck"?

- Yes, he has a nearly infantile oral fixation and he clearly gets a great pleasure from sucking dick. If there is no man around he seems to go for anything with a phallic shape, being that bananas, flash-lights, bottles, you name it.

- God!

- Yeah, I know. And he enjoys the sexual instructions we agreed upon so much, that he male students we hired have become exhausted. Before the operation he begged them to penetrate his ass. Now he tries to stop them from pulling out of his pussy. He must be sore as hell, but it seems he is unable to stop.

- Does he eat?

- Sure. His favorite food is chocolate ice cream.

- So what do you propose?

- We cannot go with the original plan and marry him off to a conservative Opus Dei member when he is like this.

There is nothing left of his old puritan self. It is as if all the hormones and the therapy has let loose a dormant personality, a cock hungry slut with an IQ of 75.

- Then he is of no use to us.

- Exactly!

- But what went wrong? I mean, the transformation of Cardinal Mousinger was a success.

- You never know with living organisms, Betty. We are very complex beings. What works well in one case, may fail in another. We were prepared for that.

- Well, I guess I knew it intellectually, but to see him become a slut like this. I mean, it is as if he has become a parody of the whores he so often condemned.

- That may actually be the reason.

- Huh?

- The reason he has spent so much time fighting "indecency" and sex can be that he deep down has longed to be one of the sluts he talk so much about. There was no way he could admit that to himself, so he had made it his life task to eradicate sex from his life.

- Goddam it, Sylvia, we wanted him to tell the world that he had been mistaken; that women should be treated on equal terms with men. This... this creature... oh fuck! We have to get rid of him!

- Kill him?

- Of course we cannot kill him! We are not that kind of people! What do you think of me? But the Amazons can't pay to keep him here either. We have to find a way to make him work.

- But what can he do? He is absolutely useless!

- Nor really. Can't you phone your Russian friend Dimitri? He can get him a fake identity and a job somewhere in Europe, couldn't he?

- OK, I see what you mean. Dimitri knows a man who has a friend who has a club in London that could make use of his new skills. The Pink Pussycat Club, I think it is called.

- There you go! We might even earn some money from this.

OK, next case! How's the Osama bin Laden project going?

- We have a SWAT extraction team ready in Waziristan right now, Betty, and we expect to have him here by the end of the week. The plan is to marry him off to a Saudi Arabian sheik in late September...

Pictures from Scoreland. The model is used for illustrative purposes only.


Dear Little Goth Girl

Dear little goth girl, how do you feel?
A prick of my needle and nothing seems real.
Your hair has grown long, that means a great deal,
When your pride and your joy were those muscles of steel.

You are small and you're weak now, Dementia dear.
A girl like yourself has no friends around here.
All they do care for is how you appear.
Don't look for your penis, it's gone now, I fear.

There's no need to worry, there are plenty around.
Get down on your knees girl, for that sucking sound.
They may not appreciate how you are dressed,
But they certainly long to suckle your breasts.

Now, why don't you touch that soft pussy of yours?
There are secrets inside you and hidden doors.
I know where they are and can make you soar.
Who gives a shit if they call us whores.

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This cap is dedicated to Dee over at Rachel's Haven with great gratitude for the caps she has given me.

One of her series, the amazing story about how Rebecca lost count and was destined to be an office slut forever, is included below in a separate post

Guest Cap: Keep it moving, Rebecca's got a deadline to meet

Dee over at Rachel's Haven has she has given me the amazing story about how Rebecca lost count and was destined to be an office slut forever.

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