Dear Little Goth Girl

Dear little goth girl, how do you feel?
A prick of my needle and nothing seems real.
Your hair has grown long, that means a great deal,
When your pride and your joy were those muscles of steel.

You are small and you're weak now, Dementia dear.
A girl like yourself has no friends around here.
All they do care for is how you appear.
Don't look for your penis, it's gone now, I fear.

There's no need to worry, there are plenty around.
Get down on your knees girl, for that sucking sound.
They may not appreciate how you are dressed,
But they certainly long to suckle your breasts.

Now, why don't you touch that soft pussy of yours?
There are secrets inside you and hidden doors.
I know where they are and can make you soar.
Who gives a shit if they call us whores.

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This cap is dedicated to Dee over at Rachel's Haven with great gratitude for the caps she has given me.

One of her series, the amazing story about how Rebecca lost count and was destined to be an office slut forever, is included below in a separate post

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