Such a sweet little girl - a tale of sissyhood

- Oh, Magda, Peter has come around so well. Look at him, sucking Fred's dick like that! Is he humming? Is that a song?

- Yes, it is. It is the song we used to camouflage his hypnotic suggestions. Sometimes he wakes up at night and comes over to my room to ask for Fred. He likes it so much.

- And he is so sweet. That's adorable skirt! And where did you find that blouse?

- Over at H&M, Eliza, they have such beautiful things at reasonable prizes.

But I have started taking Peter with me shopping, now, letting him look for clothes himself.

He hasn't completely gotten the hang of it yet, and I have to stop him from going over to the games shop, but in general he is well behaved.

-I see that, and I am so impressed. You know, I am having a much harder time with my son.

Eric tries to spit out his hormone pills and he won't let me massage his chest with hormone cream.

I had to burn all his old clothes to get him to wear the sweet dresses I have bought him. It is a shame! I honestly don't know what to do about it...

- You have to be strict, dear. Punish him every time he spits the pills out. I use an electric rod for that.

I don't have to use it much these days, though. All I have to do is to show it to him, and he immediately does what I say.

Actually, I have come to rely more on rewards, lately. I give him the big carrot not the small stick (he he!).

Peter gets his biggest dildo every time he takes his pills. And for major events, like surgery, I bring Fred over and let Peter suck dick as much as he likes.

- He has such magnificent tits. How did you manage to make them so big?

- Well, you know, his body is genetically programmed for tits, all boys' are, and he has inherited his ample bosom from me.

I had Dr. Finckle help them along though. He is such a gentleman, Dr. Finckle.

- Oh, yes, he is. He helped me with my face lift last year, dear, and I want him to give Eric his vagina. How is Peter taking the loss of his penis?

- Well, his dick wasn't much to speak of from the beginning, Liz. He has that from his father's side, I am afraid.

So I told him that Dr. Finckle would help him perfect his clitoris and open up his pussy. He seems to believe it. In any case, he seems to enjoy being filled up in that hole as well.

- Which is as it should be.
- Amen to that.

I don't know what we mothers should have done without modern medicine, dear.

I mean, there is so much pain in the world, and it is all caused by male testosterone.

- Peter is lucky to have you as a mother, Madge. There are so many mothers out there that let their sons run wild.

- Oh, yes, isn't that a shame! But I must say, though -- you know, just between you and me -- that sometimes it is good to have a well equipped man between your legs!

- Of course, Magda, but not as member of the family!

- Speaking of family! I have some new pictures of Peter from his birthday party. There is one this funny one where Fred is tit-fucking him that you just have to see. Peter looks so happy in that picture.

I'll get some tea...

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  1. Who is the girl? She's quite cute.

  2. Sorry about the late reply. The girl is Whitney Stevens.



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