A transgender experiment gone wrong

- OK, Sylvia, fill me in! How is the experiment going? How is he doing?

- Well, the operation went well, Betty, I am glad to say. He now has a fully functional vagina. The testicles have pulled up into is body and are slowly changing into ovaries as we speak.

The nanobots are very efficient. We expect him to be a fertile woman by the end of the month.

- That's good. That is very good! Still, I can hear a slight hesitation in your voice. Are there any difficulties?

- You can see for yourself. You ordered a E cup, but I am afraid we have had difficulties in stopping his breasts from growing. I think we have the situation under control now, but he will be getting severe back pains when time goes on.

- All right, I admit he looks pretty ridiculous. Can't be helped! The idea was to turn him into an archetypal woman, not some slim, athletic, flat-chested girl. And with tits like that, I am sure he will be able to breastfeed triplets, without any difficulty.

- Yes, but we are having second thoughts about the motherhood program...

- No! That was the whole point! He has been traveling from coast to coast telling the world that women should stay out of politics and the work force. He said their natural state made them fit for child rearing only.

We wanted him to experience that life first hand! We need him to become a missionary for our cause, and for that to happen he needs to become an old-fashioned oppressed mother!

- I know, but his mental capacity is slightly reduced, and we are not sure he will be able to take care of children.

- What do you mean?

- During the last three weeks he has gradually lost most of his cognitive capabilities and he has now a vocabulary of merely 500 words. The words he use most are "suck" and "fuck", and we do not think those are suitable for proper parenthood.

- "Suck" and "fuck"?

- Yes, he has a nearly infantile oral fixation and he clearly gets a great pleasure from sucking dick. If there is no man around he seems to go for anything with a phallic shape, being that bananas, flash-lights, bottles, you name it.

- God!

- Yeah, I know. And he enjoys the sexual instructions we agreed upon so much, that he male students we hired have become exhausted. Before the operation he begged them to penetrate his ass. Now he tries to stop them from pulling out of his pussy. He must be sore as hell, but it seems he is unable to stop.

- Does he eat?

- Sure. His favorite food is chocolate ice cream.

- So what do you propose?

- We cannot go with the original plan and marry him off to a conservative Opus Dei member when he is like this.

There is nothing left of his old puritan self. It is as if all the hormones and the therapy has let loose a dormant personality, a cock hungry slut with an IQ of 75.

- Then he is of no use to us.

- Exactly!

- But what went wrong? I mean, the transformation of Cardinal Mousinger was a success.

- You never know with living organisms, Betty. We are very complex beings. What works well in one case, may fail in another. We were prepared for that.

- Well, I guess I knew it intellectually, but to see him become a slut like this. I mean, it is as if he has become a parody of the whores he so often condemned.

- That may actually be the reason.

- Huh?

- The reason he has spent so much time fighting "indecency" and sex can be that he deep down has longed to be one of the sluts he talk so much about. There was no way he could admit that to himself, so he had made it his life task to eradicate sex from his life.

- Goddam it, Sylvia, we wanted him to tell the world that he had been mistaken; that women should be treated on equal terms with men. This... this creature... oh fuck! We have to get rid of him!

- Kill him?

- Of course we cannot kill him! We are not that kind of people! What do you think of me? But the Amazons can't pay to keep him here either. We have to find a way to make him work.

- But what can he do? He is absolutely useless!

- Nor really. Can't you phone your Russian friend Dimitri? He can get him a fake identity and a job somewhere in Europe, couldn't he?

- OK, I see what you mean. Dimitri knows a man who has a friend who has a club in London that could make use of his new skills. The Pink Pussycat Club, I think it is called.

- There you go! We might even earn some money from this.

OK, next case! How's the Osama bin Laden project going?

- We have a SWAT extraction team ready in Waziristan right now, Betty, and we expect to have him here by the end of the week. The plan is to marry him off to a Saudi Arabian sheik in late September...

Pictures from Scoreland. The model is used for illustrative purposes only.

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