The U.S. Army Post Trauma Treatment Services

No, no, no, Greg! You really have to learn how to relax.

Sex can be such a spiritually fulfilling experience, if you just learn to let your body and mind go. Go with the flow, you know.

You are as tense as the string of a fiddle. It is not that I don't mind a tight pussy, but your pleasure is my pleasure . You have to learn how to enjoy yourself.

I understand that it can be hard to be forcefully changed into a woman and recruited to the U.S. Army Post Trauma Treatment Services.

Yes, the word "voluntary" is just a formality, I agree to that as well.

But we are at war, sergeant, and you did disgrace your uniform by calling Captain Eve Grant a -- I quote -- "stupid Navy slut".

We can't have that kind of attitude in our armed forces, sergeant, not now that we have a black female president.

You should be glad to have the opportunity to serve your country and your fellow soldiers as a Female Sexual Therapist in the A.P.T.S.

We have a lot of traumatized soldiers, girl, and they deserve some understanding from a friendly girl like you.

So, you need to learn how to relax, soldier!

Now, let's see if you are less tense in that third opening of yours.

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The pix of Aaaralynn Barra are taken from Brazzers.com.

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